How to Build Your Successful Affiliate Marketing Business - Part 1

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Friends, so you want to launch an Affiliate Marketing business. Where to begin? As with any business you need to carefully select your target avatars and assess their greatest needs. Once this important step is accomplished the most basic question concerns solutions. Which types of solutions do you want to offer? There are three (3) product categories every IM and eCommerce pro must clearly understand. First, "Physical products" range from sporting goods to fine jewelry to consumer electronics ranging in price from $10-$20 USD to upwards of several thousands USD. Second, are "Digital" products" including downloadable software, music, videos and eBooks. While increasingly popular, these products commonly have lower ASPs (average selling prices) ranging from roughly $5-$100 USD. Thirdly are "Service products" such as professional training, coaching and planning (e.g. financial management, learning a new skill or even travel). Two important things separate "Services" from Physical and Digital products: 1) They tend to having much higher ASPs (and thus higher commissions), and 2) They hold the promise of "transforming" the customer from point A to B. More details to follow. Please take a moment to learn about the Digital Business System we use by signing-up for our Free Trial today - click here ( See you soon. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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