How to create your digital lifestyle, this is my story

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This is my story...

Since 10 years I have had a dream of not to be employed to have my own business. To decide my own working hours. My dream was to have "my work in my pocket". I have tried to educate myself so I maybe could be a consultant within PA (Personnel administration) and HR (Human Resources) becuase that is my passion. I also applied to a university course in Marketing because my profession is Finance Manager so marketing felt like it was within my area of knowledge.

I have for 20 years worked with finance in different business areas. I grown within my profession and I have grow in self improvement. But now I have come to an end where I no longer get this self improvement in my profession. I'm not satisfied with how I feel at this time. I searched for something more. I had a very good income so that was not the reason why I wanted to do something else as a profession.

I also like to be inspired by creative and positive people and I would like to be the person that can inspire others. 

Life changing

I came a cross SFM and read all I came over. I was hooked. This was excactly what I have search for. How you think, how you work, the community, everything matched with my dream. 

Are you going through the same thoughts as I did do not hestiate to check out this communtiy for more information. Start an internet Business


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