How To Earn Money Providing Value First

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How To Earn Money Providing Value - Sell Your Product Or Services Without Having To Actively Sell Or Convince Your Clients

Wow, that sounds magnificent! At least for people who've been working in sales, having to convince people that their product is the best and that the customer should make a purchase with them. This could be happening in a local shop or on the phone (wich is even a more difficult situation). I've been there and I hated it.

How To Earn Money Providing Value FirstJim is a fitness instructor at your local gym. Not only does he help people with their workouts in the gym. Jim also works as a personal coach. His problem is, that there is so much competition going on because he's one fitness instructor out of ten and the other's also would like to get more personal coaching clients.

Every time a new member signs up, the fitness instructors almost have to fight with each other in order to talk to that new member and tell them how awesome they are and what great results their former personal coaching clients had with them. As you can imagine like this, Jim doesn't get enough personal coaching clients and the atmosphere when meeting the other fitness instructors is very competitive and full of bad vibrations.

How To Earn Money Providing Value First

How To Earn Money Providing Value FirstRecently, Jim heard about giving value first to his clients, in order to build a relationship built on trust. He then thought about what was the main struggle for people who joined the gym - most of the crowd wanted to lose weight and build more muscles. Jim then asked his friend to help him shoot a couple of videos of him showing the best exercises to build muscles fast and also giving nutritional tips on how to lose weight.

From now on, when a new customer joined the gym, he simply went up to the new member gave him his business card. He then told him in a few words, that he does not want to waste the valuable time from both of them, but the person could go to Jim's website - enter his email address and then access some free training on how to lose weight and build more muscles.

As a person of understanding, you might already guess what I'm going to tell you. After a short while, Jim had so many requests for one-on-one personal coaching, that he could quit the job at the gym and start his own business. 

Sell Your Products Or Services Without Having To Actively Sell Or Convince Your Clients

He never had to convince anybody about the value of his services. The customers realized, that if they get so much value for free from Jim, that if they paid for his services, the outcome and value must really be outstanding.

Now, the chances are, that you are not a fitness instructor. But you could take that example and relate it to any other service or product. Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to start your own online business?

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How To Earn Money Providing Money FirstJanine El Hinnawy

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