How to earn money whilst travelling around the world

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Well, that was quite possibly the longest winter I can remember ever having. It’s no wonder everyone in my circle of friends is having an absolute shocker this year, entering the fifth month of the year and we’ve seen little more than a few days of sunshine!

True, the U.K. is somewhat renowned for its appalling whether, and deep down we wouldn’t have it any other way, as we’d have nothing else to moan about. That doesn’t take away form the fact that the Q1 of this year has been absolutely brutal, a stark reminder of how not to do it in the future. This time around has been especially brutal my end however, as for the last few years I’ve been out of the UK between January and April, and this year I remember why.

And so, here I am planning next year’s trip, and having done S.E. Asia and lots of the United States, I think next winter I’ll head to India. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be an avid traveller and will often have those internal conversations when away, usually when you fall in love with a new place, that sound like;

“Man I love travelling so much, it’s just so expensive. I wonder if it’s possible to somehow earn money whilst doing it”

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(Turantulas may get stuck in teeth, always read the label)

And this is what I’m spending these soggy months putting in place before I go away again next year. There are actually several ways you can earn money just from your laptop, meaning that geographical location is completely irrelevant so long as you’ve got some decent Wi-Fi. Second to that, you can set up largely automated systems, meaning that you don’t have to man the operation in order to get paid. Such largely automated systems are everywhere you look in today’s world and are essential in the growth of businesses and franchises today. Two models that you will have heard of before are ‘affiliate marketing’ and ‘E-commerce’. These models are not just thriving areas in which to work but are no doubt the future of most things ‘sales’. You only have to look at the state that Toys R Us has been left in by Amazon to know and understand the power of E-commerce. One of these companies used affiliates to sell its products, one didn’t.

Selling stuff online sounds nice in principle eh…

"But what if I have nothing I can physically sell?"

Don’t worry, neither do I. As ‘affiliates’, our job is to put things that other people have made in front of people that would benefit from them the most. By doing so, the process will work its largely automated magic...


You place an ad to draw traffic- Person clicks- person buys- person receives automated communication from you- you get paid. Simple.

As i'm now learning, this doesn't magically spring to life overnight. However, if it means that I’ll be able to travel around India and Goa next year whilst getting paid, then I am more than willing to put in a few weeks or months work in order to get this system up and running. This process will take some study and some effort to get off the ground, but boy are the results going to be worth it. I look at my friends who have their own largely automated digital income streams right now, and I am green in the face (time) with jealousy at their lifestyles right now.

The step-by-step guidance and information on how i'm making my largely automated digital income stream, will be found in a free 7-day training series if you click the link below. Click the link to get instant access.

Get on it now and have it working for you by the time you hit the airport for your next trip.


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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”- Lao Tzu

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