How To Get It All Done

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undefinedIf I have learnt anything in the last 12 months it is how to get things done…I live with a dynamo of a wife who runs a business of her own, training teachers to teach in safe environments within technology departments …

So full of potential danger ranging from red hot cooker tops, to circular saws, pillar drills… basically if it cuts chops or burns.

My Wife has a safe way of using it whilst surrounded by 30 kids!

So why the picture of the house with the home made bunting? 

Well in addition to the full time job and the ability to run a family. [Me, 4 Kids and a cat.]

She had to travel away today to assess a new employee in the workplace … I was left in charge of my own business and getting the house ready for the W.I. [Womens Institute

undefined  …. SO I had to

  • vac up and down,
  • clean the bathrooms,
  • upstairs and down,
  • re-arrange the dinning room, and
  • set up the bunting,
  • the lights, candles and fairy lights, and
  • gather in the Puddings from various places in the area

so that when my wife came home all was well.

We fed the children together, then she rushed out again for the first two courses,

( A safari dinner… meaning the WI travel from venue to venue for each course… [allows them to be nosey on 3 Levels!]) and left me to finish off my daily business tasks.

I had

  • three sites to change links in, and
  • then set up 3 new back link campaigns to just push them up to the top of Page 1.
  • Whip round facebook,
  • write a quick blog post.
  • Set up the distribution of that
  • Finish two more broadcasts, so they go out on schedule.
  • Now, it is not always like this, sometimes we get busy with the kids too, like one needs to go one way the other needs to go somewhere else, it can get hectic.

It has always been like this one way or another.

We learnt time management in a small way back in the old "Amway" days when you had to drive everywhere, to do meetings… you needed to be on the ball then, so I am real glad we didn’t decide to crank that machine up again.

But recently we have seemed to move up a gear, and although we are achieving more, by planning, and actually finishing the jobs we set ourselves, we are getting so much more done and achieving far higher results.

Anyway… I need to get off and light the candles for the ladies , and then get ready for a hangout on line regular masterminding is so important

… I am not sure who said it , I have a feeling it was Churchill… 

The Women’s Institute are a true force to be reckoned with, whilst all around you people are trying to tell you why something can’t be done The WI are quietly getting on with it.

I love doers… I look forward to meeting you…