How To Quit Your Job

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How to quit your job... Have you sincerely been wondering how to quit your job? Well, I’m not surprised, since 2 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs every month. As stated by the bureau, the likeliness of that number increasing is much expected by today’s employers and business owners. There are many signs you should quit your job, and I bet you’re staring them in the face.

The information that you have stumbled upon today is one sure sign that quitting your job is probably the best thing you can do for yourself at this moment. Quitting your job may seem like a difficult thing to do. I quit my JOB (“Just Over Broke”) in the summer of 2013 and never looked back. It was the best career decision I ever made. IF you are serious about quitting a job. I’m going to guide you on Exactly how to decide on how to quit your job.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, you must ask yourself 3 seemingly irrelevant questions:

QUESTION #1 - What kind of job do I have and in what industry?

QUESTION #2 - Do I like my boss enough to be friends outside of work?

QUESTION #3 - Why do I want to quit my job? If I quit my job right now, what would I spend my time doing instead?


NEXT, how to quit your job will be based on your answers to the 3 questions presented above, so answer them wholeheartedly. My JOB is to make this SIMPLE FOR YOU. Don’t overcomplicate this, and I promise quitting your job won’t be the last great story you tell.

"How to quit your job" QUESTION #1 will help you decide WHEN to quit. IF the industry or job is relevant to your dream, you may need to spend as much time as you need gaining the connections and learning the ins and outs of the industry through your colleagues and your boss. Get inside their heads and learn every thing possible before you leave. You may just want to warn any co-workers whom you want want to keep in touch with later, whether for business or for stimulating friendships.

"How to quit your job" QUESTION #2 will guide you in what type of ATTITUDE you want to walk into your job with as the “Countdown to Quit” begins. Was your boss pleasant to work for or is he the reason you’re reading this post right now. IF your boss was a diaper and always FULL OF SH*T, then I’m sure you know what to do. After all, you’ll probably never cross paths again.

"How to quit your job" QUESTION #3 will tell you WHAT TO DO in the upcoming days/weeks prior to quitting your job. Deciding to leave is not the same as deciding what will replace that time and income. You have to start living the life you desire now! Since you have decided to quit the job anyhow, you shouldn’t be afraid to take any risks you may need to take. Let me give you a plain example. If your reason for quitting is to spend more time with your children, then you must start spending more time with your children BEFORE you up and quit. Quitting a job is less stressful when you’re fulfilled by your desires, especially if they are the same desires being held back by that job.

IF YOU"RE STILL QUESTIONING how to quit your job, let me clarify what you need to do here... Ask yourself the 3 questions above and take as long as you need to be fully honest and aware of your situation. Use the first question to decide WHEN to quit your job, the second question to determine what type of ATTITUDE you want to carry, and the third question to figure out WHAT TO DO next.

So first, establish an exact date on which you will quit your job. Second, walk into your job and boss’s office with intention from now on. Third, begin doing what you love now! Don’t use your job as an excuse. Don’t wait for anything, because if you do, that indecision will bring you further down.

For a motivational boost, just remember that 2 million Americans not too different from yourself will be quitting their jobs along with you!!! Are you STILL wondering how to quit your job? IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about taking the steps to create an income to replace your job salary, find out exactly how I did it by clicking HERE.

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