How to Quit Your Job (Part 3)

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How to Quit Your Job (Part 3)

In our previous post on how to quit your job part 2, I detailed six undeniable tell-tale signs that it’s time to quit your job. You're probably wondering what is the next thing after identifying these signs. Well, you are definitely in the right place if you're looking to take the next step of action after seeing all the signs that you should not stay a day longer at your job.

The decision to quit your job shouldn’t be a burden if you’ve already seen the brighter future ahead of you.

So, Is there Anything You Should Consider Before Quitting Your Job?

For many, you shouldn’t just give up your job. After all, the old adage says that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Does this adage really apply if you are already seeing a better life outside of your job?

Here are the critical questions in line with what many think you should consider before leaving your job:

Q #1: Should You Quit without Securing another Source of Income?

how I quit my job

You’ve probably heard a lot of people say “hang in there till a better opportunity comes”. But, have you considered how you are ever going to find the better opportunity if you are still holding on to the seemingly good opportunity that doesn’t give you the leverage, freedom and time to explore better opportunity.

However, a better course of action is to start researching about your next move before you quit the job. In essence, start exploring your desires or new areas that are fueling your decision to quit your present job, even before you quit.

For instance, are you planning to start working from home so that you can be completely independent? In that case, you should not let anything hold you back from exploring your intended new venture, even while you’re still getting ready to quit your job. The truth is you have nothing to lose as a result, both at the moment and in the long run. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to move around physically to explore the new area you want to venture into, thanks to the Inspiration behind the internet. With a click of the button, you can learn more than you can imagine about the next line of action you plan to take after quitting your job.

Q#2: Should You Quit Voluntarily or Wait to be Laid Off?


Most times, people are not sure about what will happen if they just walk away from their jobs. Usually, this concern is influenced by factors such as personal finance. How can I survive before my new source of income picks up? Do I have enough savings to foot my bills and cater for those who are depending on me?

Again, popular opinion suggests it’s better to endure the hardships (even if they are almost snuffing the life out of you and hindering fulfillment of your dreams?) of your job and wait for a lay-off rather than quitting on your own. My strong opinion is that it would never be worth it to trade my happiness, emotional well-being, health and above all the fulfillment of my dreams for a mere job.

It doesn’t matter what "benefits" the job seems to offer at the moment or in the future. I took the bull by the horn in my own case, and I never looked back or had a reason to regret my decision. In fact, a few of my former colleagues who have recently heard and seen my exploits are also getting ready to quit their jobs without warning.

Stab Your Fear to Death

Stab your fears -- the fear of how will I survive after quitting, what will become of my dependents, I don’t have enough savings-- to death before it pins you down and keeps you from quitting your job and reaching out for something much more enriching and fulfilling.

There are tons of people out there hitting six-figures with ease, and finding the fulfillment that their regular white collar jobs did not and may never be able to provide. These people also nursed the same fears and concerns you are nursing right now. But they overcame their fear and made the giant stride forward. The risk has paid off significantly today!

Ponder on this: There’s more to life than earning hourly wages. The billionaires and really wealthy people are never salary earners. They are independent entrepreneurs who at one time made the decision to quit their paid jobs and never look back.

Follow up with the next post on How to Quit Your Job Part 4. And feel free to explore the opportunity of living a Laptop Lifestyle with the proper education.

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