How to Quit Your Job (Part 4)

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How to Quit Your Job Part 4

In our how to quit your job series part 3, I raised some questions in connection with what you should consider as you prepare to quit your job. One of the questions is whether or not you should quit without first securing another source of income. The other question is should you wait to be laid off (so that you can get some benefits) or should you quit voluntarily. The deliberations on these questions are detailed and you will want to check them out.

In today’s posthow to quit your job part 4, I will focus on what you should be doing as you countdown to last days at your present work place.

Sometimes, after we’ve seen all the signs that it’s time to quit our job, we are still held back by F-E-A-R – False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. We are afraid of how to survive after quitting the job; afraid of losing benefits such as health insurance, even if our destiny is at stake. I nursed these fears as well, but eventually I discovered they were mind-tricks holding me back.

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What Should You Be Doing as You are Getting Ready to Quit Your Job?

Take Critical Stock

In case you are still in between a rock a hard place -- to quit or not to quit-- you should take stock of how your life has been since you started your job. Recall and reflect upon the time you’ve put into each day on the job, including the weekends and nights you spent working overtime. Perhaps you’ve even lost count. Is there a commensurate value that you have gotten from your efforts, in terms of your achievements, especially your dreams?

Ponder on your present career and your life balance. Do a deep heart search and consider what matters most to you – the important family events you’ve missed or the job (which is the reason you’ve always missed those events)?  Your health, which is on the line, or the health insurance benefits that come with the job yet certainly won't give you another life if your health is badly affected by the stress or dangers of the job? Your total freedom that allows you to explore the best that life has got to offer? Taking stock will help you make the right decision and without delay.

Start Exploring New Opportunities

Once it is certain and clear that it’s time to quit your job, start exploring new opportunities in line with your real passion. What is it that really drives you in life?

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Are you the type who loves to be a BOSS instead of being BOSSED around? Do you prefer creating your own work schedules and working at your own pace? Do you want to simply put in few quality hours (that turn out great results) working and spend the rest with your loved ones? It is simpler, easier, and more possible than ever to accomplish this lifestyle where you have control of your daily activities.

You may have even dreamt of working in your pajamas, right on your bed, yet rolling in a  big bankroll on a steady basis. It’s all possible. So, get into action right away and start exploring new opportunities in line with your desires and dreams, which your present job has never offered and probably will never offer you. You only need a click of the button to explore the opportunities that suit the kind of life you’ve always dreamt of and desired for yourself.

So, don’t wait until you quit your job. Take action right away!

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