How to Quit Your Job (Part 5)

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How to Quit Your Job (Part 5)

After learning a great deal on how to quit your job, you are now finally ready to quit. That’s an awesome decision you’ve made---a decision to walk away from a confined lifestyle that wouldn't allow you to fulfill your life's dream. Well, if you’ve done your homework well, you will be smiling as you walk away from your current job, envisioning the bright future ahead of you.

Now, before I delve into how to finally quit your job (which is the focus of this post), let me quickly show you the top things you stand to gain by deciding to say bye-bye to a blue coolar, white-collar or conventional job.

You Are Now Your Own Boss undefined

You no longer have to be bossed around and have someone determining how things should go five days out of every week of your life. Instead, you are now your own boss. Speaking from experience, this is truly the best place to be. You have all the freedom and flexibility you’ve been craving for all these years.

You can choose to drop the task at hand momentarily to give attention to something more important without receiving query from anyone. Now, don’t misunderstand me. This does not in any way spell laxity or indiscipline. It simply means you have greater control of your work schedule.

For instance, you no longer have to tell your child “dad won’t be able to make it for your school dance…he’s got to work.” You can suspend the work at hand and take the hours needed to watch your child’s performance at school…nothing excites kids more than that!

You can Create Multiple Streams of Income

This is something that you may not ever get the chance to do working the standard 9 to 5. In fact, one of the documents you may have to sign upon accepting a job from some companies explains that you cannot have any business of your own outside of the work. This is because your employer does not want anything competing with your dedication at work. And you know how almost impossible it is to live out your big dreams with a monthly pay-check---no matter how fat it may appear.

But, by breaking free from the shackles of a conventional job, you will have all the time you need to explore different opportunities and create multiple income streams. You will no longer need to wait for the monthly paycheck (which is hardly enough) to start living out the life you’ve always desired.


You Will Experience Total Satisfaction 

The report of a survey detailed in Business Week shows that about 40 percent of people who are their own bosses (self-employed) are completely satisfied with their status. On the contrary, about 28 percent or even less of salary earners said they are satisfied being conventional employees --- I hope they really are.

The point I’m trying to drive home is that you will enjoy complete autonomy as well as flexibility in your schedules and hours when you are finally your own boss. You are the one spelling out the course of direction for your career or work. You set your own responsibilities and task at the pace you deem fit and in an enabling environment.

You're able to Build a Vast Professional Network

You're able to build a vast network of professional colleagues when you are not confined to a static work-pattern that tends to limit you to just people within your workplace.

As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, you have freedom to attend tons of webinars, seminars, career talks, professional meetings and other events that enable you build a vast network of professionals. This will in turn open you up to tons of wealth-building and life-enhancing opportunities that you may never have come by had you continued to spend the majority of your day in an enclosed space called workplace.

Needless to say, there is much more awaiting you once you make up your mind to quit your job.

Now, to the subject of this post.

What's the Best Way to Quit Your Job? undefined

I've taken time to walk you through the steps involved in quitting your job. By now, you have probably answered the three important questions posed in the post How to Quit Your Job Part 1 --- #1What kind of job do you have and in what industry, #2 Do you love your boss enough to be friends outside of work, and #3 Why do you want to quit your job and what next.

You’ve spent time considering all the signs that you should quit your job in How to Quit Your Job Part 2 and explored the answers to whether or not you should quit before securing another source of income and if you should quit voluntarily or wait to be laid off (detailed in how to quit your job part 3). Also, I showed you what you should be doing while preparing to quit your job in part 4 of our how to quit your job series.


A Note of Warning!

Planning is quite imperative when getting ready to quit your job. It took me a reasonable amount of time to plan extensively before walking away from my job, and IT PAID off well.

Some of the important things to factor into your planning include making sure that you have no less than six months supply of money [savings] that can sustain you and the people depending on you.

But, if you follow my advice on researching opportunities in line with your passion long before you quit your job, you won't need to worry about your finances after quitting. You can and should be generating some good income, already, even before you finally quit the job.

Remember, I said you should not be afraid of taking the risk to start living out the life you desire (it includes exploring your dream income generation source)---after all, you will certainly quit the job.

Now that you are certain it’s necessary to quit, and you’ve almost finalized all your plans to quit, here are 2 tips on how to finally say bye-bye to your job;


Tip #1: If You Choose to Quit Gracefully

Notify your boss in person; this sounds fine, especially if you had a good relationship with your boss and would want to keep up the relationship.

Give reasonable notice; this is ‘a good guy’ thing to do. This will also give your company time to look for your replacement

Don’t keep your closest colleagues in the dark. If you’ve enjoyed memorable relationship with some co-workers, it will be nice to give them heads up about your decision to quit. But, you are not obligated to say why. Simply tell them you want to reach out for higher grounds.

Tidy up pending tasks

…just leave a good impression behind as you leave

Tip #2: If You Choose to Quit Abruptly

If you feel “…after all, my boss sucked and my colleagues weren’t any better”, you may decide to tender your resignation abruptly without any warning. Also, you won’t feel obliged to give details about why you have to quit.

Indeed, how you quit your job need not be complex, and finding a far better replacement shouldn’t be difficult if you let me show you how.

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