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In the last post, we talked about what a financial thermostat is. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here. Please make sure to read that one first before catching up with this one.

In this post, as I have promised in the previous post., we are going to reveal how to reset and raise your thermostat.

So, first of all, let's just make clear one more time, what do I mean by saying “raising your financial thermostat”. 

Raising or, otherwise, resetting your financial thermostat, is changing your own blueprint for money, your idea of what you BELIEVE you are able to earn in your life, in your business.

There are some books written about this topic, where the authors explain and give a list of specific things to do in order to raise the thermostat. You can do your own research on this if you want to go deep into this topic, but I am going to share with you only what has worked for me, not all the techniques that are there.

I personally like speaking for myself and share what has helped me and not what I have learned but never actually applied it in my life. SO, the information below is ONLY what I have LEARNED, APPLIED, and GOT RESAULTS.

 Alright, let’s get into the real talk.

 Verbal programming

As children, we were taught how to think about money. We were taught how much or how little we can have and how difficult or easy money is to come by. They have programmed us to think or feel a certain way about money, like, maybe we don’t deserve money or we have to feel guilty having money and etc. Such things come so naturally into our lives, that we don’t even notice how this eventually sets a specific mindset in our heads.

Which bring us to the first step of reprogramming, raising your thermostat or changing your life, you name it.

And it’s called:


Most of the people aren’t even consciously aware that they are programmed to think a certain way. Myself included, before finding out about this everything, I was never aware that such thoughts (again, thoughts that we are learned to believe is true, in other words- programmed) can have this much impact on a person’s financial situation. The thing with life and with any kind of problem is that we can’t change things unless we are AWARE about these very problems.

SO the first thing to do is to raise your awareness. Just try to remember all those things that YOU have been told growing up.

Here are some examples of the most common phrases.

  • Money doesn't grow on trees.
  • Money doesn't buy you happiness.
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  • Some people are meant to be rich and other people aren't.



 This step is very simple.

After you remembered all the things that you have been told growing up, it’s time to disassocciate yourself from these beliefs.

And you do this simply by realizing and understanding that they ONLY represent what you've LEARNED, and are NOT a part of you or who you are as a person. Remember, YOU have the CHOICE to be different. You can replace them with your own beliefs…

Which you are going to do!


Now it’s time to set new statements, replace old, tired, limiting beliefs with fresh, empowering beliefs.

I personally have used the following ones:

  • Money is easy to earn.
  • I know I can be and do and have whatever I desire.
  • I CAN earn whatever amount I set my mind to.
  • Whatever I do, all the doors are opening for me.
  • I am a very lucky person.
  • I will have that car of my dreams.
  • I am a magnet for money.
  • Money just flows into my life.
  • My monthly income is going to be not less than 5000$ (I live in Russia, and, so, 1000%/month is already a lot of money here for many). You can set the amount you want to be your starting point. 

Remember: THE STARTING POINT, not the LIMIT that would be NICE TO HAVE.

After using this affirmation daily, two things started happening to me.

First, I eventually reached to the point, where I started to believe in everything that I was telling myself. Believing, like there is no way that things could be another way.

And second, my mind started to notice all the opportunities that were surrounding me. It’s not like they suddenly appeared, it’s just my mind started to NOTICE them, because now I had programmed myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to, and at this point I wasn’t afraid of failure anymore. That small little voice inside my head, that was always there to find thousand reasons why I shouldn’t take up to that opportunity, suddenly disappeared.

I just was completely another person with another belief system, another vision of my life, and my future in general.

So here is my experience, which I am very honored to share to those who are new to this concept. Because I know that for many of you (for those who will take this seriously) this is going to be, and I am not afraid to use this word, life changing!

Just thinking that I can have a good impact in someone’s life blows my mind away…

Work on these steps daily and the results won’t make you wait, believe me.

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Thank you for your attention.


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