How To Sell A Product

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With These Essential Strategies, One Can Sell Any Product or Services Faster, Anywhere And To Anybody, Be It On Amazon, eBay, Walmart As Long As The Person Follows The Principle.


 Create A Story- Do you know that the stories behind a product or services can determine the market value of that particular product or services? Sometimes people tend to buy stories instead of buying value because the story behind the commodity is fascinating or the manner, which the story presented. If you have a high-quality product without a story or better story, someone who has a low quality of the same product with stories behind his product would sell a number of products before you make a single sell. Creating a story behind a product or services is a key strategy to sell a product or services faster. It could be a story during the testing of the product or the experience of the first user. Stories connect us, humans, emotionally, and compel us to take action. Let’s use a sword for example. If you put ads of a sword on the internet or hang it on your shop shelf and place a tag on it that says, “Buy a sword for $500”. People won’t show much interest. But when it says something like, “this is Japanese samurai sword, used by samurai Oda Nobukaka, the greatest warlord ever lived in Japan. It goes for $20,000”. People would show interest, even the ones that can’t afford it would like to take a picture of them hold or standing by the sword to post on social media, thereby advertising it for you without paying them and making the market value to go up. Anything can be sold with compelling stories behind it.

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Value – Value is the benefits that your customers get from your products or services. Is your product worth buying? Of what use is your product or services? How is it going to improve my life, health, business, increase my wealth, draw me closer to my goals and dreams? What do I stand to gain? Is it going to be an advantage or disadvantage for me? These questions are what potential customers ask themselves before they click that link on your ads, bring out their debit, put in their details in the sales box and click submit and deal is closed. Or approach your shelf where your products are in your shop. Or after listening or reading your business proposal.

Market Segmentation - It is the division of the target market into behavioral, benefit, demographic, geographic, religion, psychographic. Companies spend more on ads if they don’t apply market segmentation principle because when you market to everybody you market to nobody. Salesperson uses market segmentation to divide a target market into a smaller market or narrow down a large target market into a smaller group to understand it and be able to target his product and service to reach the potential customer faster, have a product that meets their needs.


 It enables a salesperson to sell a product faster, shortens his sales cycle. It helps him sell more. Every good CEO or salesperson wants to be efficient in every dollar spent on marketing selling to. You don’t sell to everybody but to people that have the potentials to buy. You don’t market first class flight ticket to a beggar on the street, rather you market how to get a job that would take him off the street. It helps you to focus on your resources, increase your revenue, help you gain the potential customers' trust because it helps to get what your customer want.


Be The Customer You Seek- In other words, think like the customer you seek. Before you start selling any product or services, you should first think like a buyer, not a seller. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and ask yourself these questions a potential customer would ask himself before buying a product or paying for a service. This is 2018, let’s assume you are a customer and you want to show off at red carpet event and you want to drive in into the arena in style. You need a car that would take you there in style. You picked up a phone and call an auto shop and a salesman picks up. You explain to him the kind of occasion you are a guest and you need his advice on the kind of car for the event. And he said to you, “we have 1995 Toyota Camry, classic 2001 Honda Accord and 1999 brand new Volkswagen Passat. What would be your reaction? Won't you hang up the call on him? You would, because what you expected of him was to mention the classic luxury cars money could buy and tell you the features that would “wow” people when you drive in into the arena.

Freedom And Value - Freedom and value is the slogan of my business and website ( I chose it for a reason, my reason came from the understanding of the scripture to gain followers, and other write up I have read concerning how the world works, the law of attraction and all that. God doesn’t force you to love him and act according to his laws. He gives freedom to all to choose whom to serve because He knows he has value to offer. I have talked about value but freedom is added to this so I am going to explain both because they work hand in hand.

 As a salesperson, you don’t tell potential customers that he must buy this product rather, you use some words like, would you like? Try this, what do you have in mind? make your choice. It makes the potential customer feel that he calls the shot. Let’s make an example with a first aid box. “What if you don’t buy first aid box for your home or office and something happens which the first aid box can safe life before getting the person to the hospital? You made the customer understand that he has the final say, power, choice, liberty whether to buy or not to. At the same time outlined the benefit he would get, which is saving a life. We human beings like the freedom that we want to do anything and everything at will. It has always been our nature. When a potential customer finally buys your product or pays for your services when you apply this principle of freedom and value in your business, there is a possibility that he would be a long-term or life customer.

Persuasive Tactics - This principle is important in business, the reason being that you are not the only one with such products or services that has the value the customer needs. Some might have the same product or service as you and still offer it at a cheaper rate with a better value. As a salesperson, you have to use your skills to convince, influence, and entice a potential customer who has already made up his mind on particular goods or services to change his mind, by giving him reasons to do so. We humans act on emotion and logic. Use the emotional and logical reasons to your advantage and make him change his mind.

Advertisement - Advertisement is using a public medium to promote a product or services. As a salesperson, you need not depend on a public medium to promote your product or services. You might be on the street, hospital, courtroom, elevator, anywhere and you see a potential customer. Would you wait until you get to a radio station, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TV station before that the potential customer would buy your product? The answer is no, you pitch it. Pitching is a marketing technique that salesperson use to present their product and service to a potential customer who has limited time to listen.

You as a salesperson, you need to pitch your product and services straight away with convincing and short words because the customer might be on the go. Moreover, is only when what you pitch makes sense to him that he would consider hearing more.

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