How to Set off on a journey to change your life.

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The one thing that I can say to be the biggest unexpected impact on my life other than finding love would definitely be finding a way to make an income online. It's become more than just a source of income its been a catalyst to be much much more, from a starting place of incredible growth and self-development. It's been an enormous inspiration and motivation, a way to help and to heal, a journey to the insight I never believed I would have found that day I followed an ad link on youtube.

In a little bit, I'll share with you what I stumble upon but let's build some suspense...during all of this I have found out about things I love to do and have done what I can to help people who were like me at the time, just looking for an answer to something more. Whether you are a spiritual person, a religious-based person, simply a purely logical person, a sane person or even a crazy person...anyone can encounter like-minded individuals with this online community. We are here to support each other and help each other out during this journey. So don't worry you won't be alone if you ever feel like you are just reaching out and someone will great you with a smile and helpful advice or whatever else you may need.


It's time to divulge the news of what I've been doing that has begun to give the time and freedom of doing what I want and when I want. The name of the game is Affiliate Marketing.  I know at first glance it seems like it was a scam or some kind of trick just to gather my information, but I'm not saying that you aren't allowed to be skeptical, in life ignorance to things will only get you in trouble. I'm just saying always be aware of anything in this day and age but when you think about the way the Internet has revolutionized the way people are able to communicate or shopping online is becoming more popular than going to a store. So quick example would be if you refer a person to a product or service and your an affiliate with that company and someone purchased their product, you would get a  percentage of that sale. Just think of the countless potential of things that can be purchased online. The way the economy is going everything is becoming more digital rather than analog. If want more Information just check out this link below. Thanks for reading. - Free 7 part video series with more information about affiliate marketing - link to my personal site with more stories


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