How To Shut Down The Inner Critic

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Most of us have that voice of self-doubt in our heads, the voice that is so loud it seems to know us more that we know ourselves. The voice that tells you that you are not good enough… you are not skinny enough…you are not ready to apply for that role…you are stupid…you are not experienced enough…you are slow…you will never make it…

At first you won’t recognize your inner critic because it has been a part of you for so many years, it has lived inside your head almost since you can remember.

The voice tends to be so harsh, almost too harsh you won’t even repeat what it says to you to someone you love. We all have a degree of the inner critic in our heads, some of us louder and harsher than others…

One way to recognize the inner critic is that it acts as a voice of reason, it tries to protect us from getting out of our comfort zone. It creates fear and paints the worst case scenario always!

Say for example you want to apply for that management role in your company; your inner critic will tell you that you are not ready, you don’t have enough experience, look at Jo Blog he was able to do the job previously because he had experience in x, y, z… you won’t be able to do it…your inner voice will try to protect you from the humility of making a fool  of yourself, of failing in the new role, making a mess of it – it will tricky you into thinking things like; you will get fired and the whole industry will know about it and you will never be employed ever again, everyone will laughed at you!

Or if you want to start a new business, it’s even worse; the inner critic will tell you oh Jesus whom are you kidding? You have no enough money…you have no experience…where will you get the time? Nobody will buy your products anyway… do you know anyone who has succeeded in this business before?... 100% of small business fail in their first year… you don’t understand numbers; business is for people who were good in Maths in school and you were only in good in History, actually you weren’t even good in history, you weren’t good at anything!!!!!!!!!!!… or you will have thoughts like; what if you fail? you will lose all your money and go onto a big debt… everyone will think you are crazy mad! You will let everyone down! You do not want to make a show of yourself…

The above are just examples same goes to when you want to write a book, ask someone out, reach out to an old friend, move countries, change career etc. the list goes on…

These fearful conversations play in our heads over and over, the inner critic creates this fear in the name of protecting us from failing, to keep you within your comfort zone and in the end we don’t apply for that role, we don’t write that book, we don’t start that business, we stay in the same role…we don’t progress….and then its 10,20,30 years later!

The more we allow the inner critic to make decisions for us the worse it gets and the louder, the harsher the inner critic becomes, the harder it gets to quieten it.

But having said all the above if we take a moment to listen really hard to ourselves we will recognise that there is also another voice deep inside of us almost alongside the inner critic. This other voice is softer, quieter, calmer, gentler; this is the voice of inner wisdom. This voice is not as black and white as the inner critic, this other voice will just be gentle and encouraging. It will encourage us to step away from the comfort zone

It’s crucial that we become aware of what’s happening inside our minds, learn how to quieten the inner critic and tune into our inner wisdom because if we don’t we will always feel stuck, always feel trapped in our current situations, we will never take action and we will never know our full potential.

What does your inner critic say to you?


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