How to stay motivated when you work from home

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It’s a new year, new objectives have been set, you are feeling full of energy for the realm of opportunities 2017 may have waiting for you, your motivation is high… There is nothing wrong with all these feelings but what we all know quickly happens is that all this ‘hype’ about a new year quickly dissipates, and most people just go back to their normal lives again, wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, greet the same people, do the same work then go back home just for everything to be repeated the next day! To me this lifestyle sounds awful, and if this is you I am so happy for you, you have just evaluated your life and have concluded whether you like it or not. Now if the answer is yes keep reading but if the answer is no, chances are you are either not enjoying working where you are right now or have a dream that because of all of lives constraints cannot be achieved, I stress you start working from home and become your own boss but that’s just a cool suggestion (so many people are doing it, look).

If you have already jumped into the ‘Digital Economy’ one of the challenges we face when working from home, doesn’t matter if you are an online marketer, copywriter, blogger, youtuber or own an online business, is maintaining motivation levels. No one is pushing you, there are no more deadlines, no more external stress, peer pressure form co-workers, it is just YOU now. So, it’s up to you to motivate yourself and push yourself to the limit, this is a huge advantage but it is challenging, however once mastered you will be part of the top 3% of the world, no joke, ask anyone if they know how to keep themselves motivated and happy.

Firstly, let’s use psychology to our advantage; all of us have heard of the word “motivation” and we know that it is a key factor in the development of an individual when learning and understanding a skill. However, most people forget that there are two types of motivation;

·         Intrinsic Motivation: This type of motivation involves gaining an intangible reward, for example, self-satisfaction, pride, or a feeling of achievement.

·         Extrinsic Motivation: This type of motivation involves the individual receiving some form of tangible reward from an external source often as a form of reinforcement. For example, receiving a pay check at the end of the month from your boss.

Here is the trick, you must balance the use of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation to stay motivated. Intrinsic motivation will ensure your consistency and success long-term, whilst the use of extrinsic motivation (tangible rewards) must be monitored as it can undermine your perception of self-satisfaction and feelings of achievement. I repeat use this knowledge to your advantage, give yourself intangible rewards such as praise when you have achieved a set goal, enjoy, and celebrate small victories, and when appropriate reward yourself with tangible rewards, clothes, sweets etc.  The more success you experience the more extrinsic rewards should be reduced however, to ensure your core values and intrinsic motivation is perceived just as important in your eyes.

Secondly there is another principle in psychology applied everywhere (specially on the internet!) it is called ‘Operant Conditioning’. Sound familiar? Good. This is a behaviourist concept proposed by Skinner that suggests that human behaviour can be shaped depending how your environment responds to you. He further explains that if a behaviour is positively reinforced this increases the likeliness of this specific behaviour to be repeated and when the behaviour is punished the likeliness of this behaviour from being repeated decreases. Now how can we apply this to ourselves? The answer is simple, when we are trying to build a habit or a behaviour that we want to repeat, for example wake up at a certain time, or go to the gym etc. We positively reinforce that behaviour, this can be in the form of a tangible reward, guilty pleasure (make sure this pleasure doesn’t hinder your health!) or an intangible reward. This way you are increasing the likeliness of doing things that are necessary to your success or you simply struggle doing and the thought of you doing them kills your motivation.

This is not difficult and makes the journey more enjoyable but remember to stay disciplined when using tangible rewards to reward your efforts. Lastly there is one more thing I highly suggest. Listen and read motivation and inspirational content every single day, if you really want to be outstanding, study these individuals see what they all have in common, what has worked for them, study their journey, their struggles, failures, and success. If you want to share any thoughts once you have studied these individuals feel free to e-mail me at ‘’ it is always a pleasure to hear from the readers.  Surround yourself with motivated highly energetic people, people who have what you want, people that inspire you and staying motivated will become a lot easier. If you are struggling to stay motivated or want to surround yourself around great marketers in the online world, feel free to check out the Six Figure Mentors, I can honestly say that they have one of the most helpful communities to mastermind and the most innovative marketing strategies, they really know what’s up, meet them here.

Embrace the losses and celebrate every victory my friend.

Efrain Herrera.