How To Use Debt The Right Way?

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I know, for sure that this is a controversial topic to hit, but most people don`t even realize that not all debt is bad, I got myself in debt, I got out of debt and I got in debt again, and most certainly will use debt for the rest of my life... there is probably a lot of financial gurus that will misguide you with the wrong information, I know that, most of them don`t practice what they preach and there is a lot of wealthy people that can reassure what I`m gonna say.

#1 All debt is not equal
I can tell you that going to college to listen to a finance teacher who was more broke than I was, didn`t help me at all with improving my money literacy, as a matter of fact, there wasn't a single course, in an economics and accounting degree, about dealing with money. The only option for me was to study the wealthy people and besides the fact that they share a lot of similarities, the one that most stood out was that they use debt to become wealthier. After studying my friends all my life, I realize that they use debt to get stuck, even more, buying cars they couldn't afford and accept credit for 84 months, luxury watches to show off to the ladies, paying for VIP club entrances and on and on...

Fortunately, I didn`t follow these pretenders and borrowed money to get new skills and start a scalable business, I was willing to relinquish a couple years of my life and a couple thousand dollars to create a better future for myself, my family and the charities I`ve always wanted to support.
It was easy, has it been easy? Of course not, I have to go through uncomfortable situations every day, borrow money from people I never thought I would borrow, talk to strangers, accept a lot of criticism, face new problems. I can tell you thing, it doesn't take money to make money, it takes courage to make money... knocking on doors and beg for attention is something that most people wouldn`t do to make their dreams happen!

“Comfort is a disease. And it’s what the media wants you to do. It’s definitely what the big pharmaceutical companies want you to do. They want you to get comfortable. All the big money on this planet actually wants you to get comfortable so you just sit back and become a passive spectator in the game of life.” – Grant Cardone

#2 Use debt the right way
Debt is not dangerous, folks, people make it dangerous. Credit cards, college loans, car payments, buying a house, these are some of the areas that people don`t even want to talk about. You got to be smart when it comes to using debt, if you`re thinking about buying a house that you need to pay for, for the next 40 years and carry on with all the related expenses of maintaining a home, probably that`s not gonna be a good investment, on the other hand, if you rent a home and borrow some cash to learn how to sell on the phone, now I can see a better return on investment.

The point is, you don`t want to use debt to finance something that doesn`t provide you income in the future or that`s going down in value, like the latest BMW or a college degree that doesn`t serve the marketplace needs and would be replaced by robots in the 5 years. Debt is used in something that could produce income, an investment, it could be in yourself or in something you can use to collect income.

Your mom`s advice to save every penny is the highway to a mediocre life, I was fortunate enough to realize that in my first year of college, it saved me 2 wasted years learning nothing there and a lifetime of struggles like the one my mom and dad lived so far.

Hope this information serves you well and thank you so much for the time you took to read this article. 


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