How We Became Billionaires- A Message For Latinos

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Important message if you are a Latino and you know, inside your heart and mind, that there is a better way. There is an easier way to make a living and provide for your family. You know inside your soul that there is more to life than work, pay bills, and die! If this is the case, keep reading...

  A few nights ago I was laying in bed tossing and turning. For some reason, my mind seems to become more active at night and many times it keeps me up pretty late. Luckily I am self employed and I don't have to report to a job or a boss and I can sleep-in for as long as I want. Anyhow, since I'm always looking to expand my way of thinking and push myself to reach higher and higher goals, I was researching the topic of Billionaires. I ended up finding this video on youtube which interviews three Billionaires and they share how they got their money and what their life is like being a Billionaire.  

I decided to share that video with you here, because I am convinced that you will gain some value from the wisdom of these Billionaires. 
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There were a few key points I took away from this video, I have watched it a few times now. One of those points was a quote from one of the Billionaires in which he says, and I will paraphrase, "Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, if you want to have a Billion dollars just learn how to solve a Billion dollar problem".

This was such an awakening moment for me! WOW! If I want to have a Billion dollars, solve a Billion dollar problem. Now, the other thing this same guy said was, "I never set out to become a Billionaire, in fact, being a Billionaire isn't a goal in it of itself, it is actually the result of the value you are providing". Another WOW!

Too many people nowadays focus on the money. All they see is dollar signs. They see the end goal as having a certain dollar amount in their bank account. They never focus on the value they provide to society. They don't have a problem to solve to exchange for money, lots of money.

The message in this video was simple, the dollar amount you have in your bank account is a direct result of the value you contribute to society. If you don't have the money you want, it is only because you are not solving people's problems. Or rather, not solving enough people's problems. 

 But there is hope! There is a way to increase your value to society. There is a way to provide value and solve other people's problems. And in the process, make yourself a LOT OF MONEY.

I won't promise you'll become a Billionaire but I will tell you that a lot of people in my "secret group" have gone on to become Millionaires. I call it my "secret group" because not a lot of people know about it, until now.

You have the opportunity to join this group. What you'll discover inside is how to go from a normal, hard working person, to an influential entrepreneur who provides value to society. You'll have the resources, training, and systems in place to take you from an employee, to a self made entrepreneur. And how high you decide to go, and how much money you make will be up to you.

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See you on the other side!


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