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I am reading a very interesting book written by Dr. Dispenza Joe and the book title is: Breaking the Habit of being yourself.

I have to say I am astonished by the discoveries I have made while reading this book. I have learnt so much about myself that it is quite scary.

You would think you know yourself very much since you have been living with you for all your life and then here comes someone who then makes you realize you are not using your brain well. You are misinformed about the realities and how you are in control of your destiny.

Well, this is not news to me but the extent which this doctor demonstrated this is amazing. I mean how he breaks down the very fiber of my belief by simple examples makes me realize that there is so much out there that I have to catch up with.

What you do every day if automated, some people are actually sleeping because their conscious mind is turned off as a result of learning and reinforcing patterns which they go through each day, here is his exact words.

'For example, you probably wake up on the same side of the bed, slip into your robe the same way as always, look into the mirror to remember who you are, and shower following an automatic routine.

Then you groom yourself to look like everyone expects you to look, and brush your teeth in your usual memorized fashion. You drink coffee out of your favorite mug and eat your customary breakfast cereal.

You put on the jacket you always wear and unconsciously zip it up. Next, you automatically drive to work along your accustomed, convenient route. At work, you do the familiar things that you have memorized how to do so well.

You see the same people, who push your same emotional buttons, which causes you to think the same thoughts about those people and your work and your life. Later, you hurry up and go home, so you can hurry up and eat, so you can hurry up and watch your favorite TV show, so you can hurry up and go to bed, so you can hurry up and do it all over again. Has your brain changed at all that day?' Dr. Dispenza Joe

This piece right there describes how a lot of us are operating on autopilot. We have preconceived ideas that have been running in our hardware for a while now and it is very difficult to take them out now that they have become predominant in the way we behave.

The ideas may have been created years ago such as riding a bicycle which is not really something scary but when you realize that the way you react to all conflict is based on something you experienced when you were a child, now that should stop you in your tracks especially if you are a full grown human being.

I find that this book challenges the very basis of belief but is also a missing link. This is so because I have had times I wanted things to work out but I was using the wrong mechanics and wondering why I was not getting what I wanted. All the while I was doing the wrong thing.

The late Dr. Myles once said, "the infiniteness of knowledge shows the finiteness of our minds." Knowledge is so vast that what you don't know is potentially very harmful to whatever you are trying to accomplish in life. 

Most of the things that are bothering us, fear and many others can be solved but just knowing some concepts that are written in a book. Your answers are in the books we probably have on our shelves at home.

Another man said, "Every man's problem is the problem of his ignorance."

Not knowing will keep one deeply entrenched in mazes which have been figured out by many, but because of what you don't know you could be missing your immediate breakthrough, your next opportunity, you could even get killed when you could have survived.

Many are stuck in poverty or situations which are not compulsory. If only they could learn a few concepts and take massive action it would totally transform their lives. For example, joining a community of mentors who will train you to be a better marketer in the digital arena. 

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Thank you for reading.

Till later.

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