Do I Need To Invest Any Time Or Money Into My Business?

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Do I Need To Invest Any Time Or Money Into My Business?

Do I need to invest any time or money into my business? For some the answer to this is in obvious one, for the benefit of newbie and for those currently duing their due diligence.  The answer is Yes.


Because your investing in yourself, in your business.  Your starting a new business and in order to do this and in order for your business to grow, a big part of this, is investing your own time and money.

Lets look at these two parts in more detail.

I will cover the investment aspect first because this is the part where people start to worry or realise, hang on a minute I have to invest time and money and come up with excuses not to take action and they don’t start, they quit before the start.  Because in their mindset they see:

Investment = Money(only) = Cost = Expense = Spending money.

Once you shift your mindset you will see this:

Investment = Spending Money & Time in yourself  = Investing in yourself.

So whereas an investment does involve spending time and money.  You are spending it in yourself. Your investing in yourself.


Application Fee (Test Drive) - $29.95
Initial membership fee (dependent on the membership level you choose)
Monthly Membership Fee - $97.00
Marketing - Paid Advertising (Pay-per-Click, E-mail marketing, Solo-Ads)

Each paid advertising strategy I will cover again.  Please don’t worry you do not need to invest a ton of money into, say, PPC, to get started.  The more you can invest the better but you can start on $5.00 per day and you can control this so. So if you can’t afford to do that there are other methods of driving traffic, which are more of a long term strategy and where you don’t invest financially with them, you do invest but its with your time.


You may not be aware but from the moment that you decide that there must be a better way of making a living, a better way of earning and a much better work/life balance out there and jump on you PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet, fire it, jump on Goggle and you start searching for a better way, so you type In make money, how to make money online (for example).  You are already investing your time.

Duing your diligence - Researching
Visiting the different sites
Re-viewing the products or services
Applying for them
Your education - most amount of time you will spend (1)
Your training - most amount of time you will spend (2)
Networking with like minded people
Driving traffic - most amount of time you will spend (1)
The majority of time that you will invest your time, will be in your education, training - You are learning a brand new skill set (for the newbies or those researching).  You have to learn this, you have to be taught it, you need to be educated.  You then need to keep on top of this with the most up-to-date and effective training, every week or month.  Then you need to spend time marketing using various methods (if paid advertising is not an option for you.

The Six Figure Mentors can and will provide with all the above and so much more, which you will discover when you apply and test drive The Six Figure Mentors.

As I mentioned about mindset earlier, I will just re-visit that part (will cover mindset in more detail in other blog).


You need to shift your mindset - The Six Figure Mentors also provide Mindset Training & so does my good friend Pat Mesiti via Free OnDemand Webinar.

Both will blow you away!

Why not invest in both, as you can if you want and increase our knowledge on shifting your mindset.  It certainly helped me 100%.

Either way you will learn how to shift your mindset (just like I and other successful online marketers have)

So then you will see:

Investment = Investing in you, your family & your future.

And you will no longer see

Investment = Money(only) = Cost = Expense = Spending money.

I trust that this all makes sense and that you know have a better understanding of why you need to invest your time and money.

Keep in mind - If you don’t invest your time and your money into yourself, you as person will never grow.  If you don’t invest your time and your money then you won’t start a business and when you do start your own online business and then you don’t invest your time and your money then your business will not grow.

To Your Success

Jonathan Edwards


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