How to be Part of the successful 5% of Affiliate Marketers in 2019

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According to WarriorForum 95% of all affiliate marketers fail. Now I know you’re wondering how to become part of the 5% that doesn’t fail, right? Well here’s how:

1.     Join an Affiliate Marketing training course

 In any field, in order to be highly successful a certain amount of training and practice has to be invested, and the same goes for affiliate marketing. If your goal is to make at least a six-figure income through affiliate marketing and you haven’t already enrolled in a training course I advise that you do so fast.

 Much of affiliate marketing is about using the right marketing strategy for which ever product you’re promoting and knowing which demographics fit such a product, along with the best ways to reach such an audience and if you’re like me, you don’t have the time in order to figure all of that out on your own through spending hours on end researching on the internet.

 Moreover, training courses give you an opportunity to learn not only the marketing strategies that do work but also those that don’t. This would help you save time and money from trying out promotional strategies that experts in the field through experience have found don’t yield the best results.

 So instead of crashing through the affiliate marketing arena like a novice driver, get some training first.

 2.     Get motivation from successful Affiliate Marketers

 It is a given that in your pursuit for the laptop lifestyle that comes with being a successful affiliate marketer things will get tough, and during these moments motivation and encouragement are the most important because most of the wannabes of affiliate marketing give up because they say ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘most people don’t succeed anyway and who am I to beat the odds’.

 To be part of the top 5% you need to be resilient and able to stand firm even in the face of ‘apparent’ failure. I say it is ‘apparent’ because you never really fail in anything unless you give up. As long as you persevere you will come out successful in the end (provided you put in the time, effort and continue improving your skill).

 In order to get motivated I usually turn to YouTube, which has countless videos of success stories of people who started knowing nothing about affiliate marketing, and ended up earning six-figures within the first 12 months. However, if you’re more of a reader you can check out articles on google by just typing something like ‘Affiliate Marketing Success Stories’ and start scrolling down the page until you meet a search result that matches what you are looking for.

 Getting motivation in this way will ensure that you overtake the majority that start out and end up giving up on the way before they get any success.

 3.     Pick a niche and stick to it

 One misconception that many beginners in this space have is that if they become affiliate marketers in a wide variety of industries, they can be able to market to a wider demographic and therefore make more sales.

 Even though such is a logical conclusion it has proved itself not to work so well in reality. The problem with being in so many niches is that you never get a chance to really study and know what the customers in a particular niche are attracted to, and what specifically they are looking for in a product. Therefore, as an affiliate marketer you end up marketing in a more general sense instead of to a particular customer avatar and therefore very little results are obtained in a multiple niches.

 However, specialising in a particular niche allows you to study your audience, know them better and be able to better advertise to them, which will translate into higher sales. Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to pick a niche that you’re most interested in and with this you’d be more invested in your advertisements and the content you create for your audience, plus you’d be more likely to know what a customer in that particular niche is looking for as you’d be one too. You’d have the opportunity to give more value to your audience, and this builds a relationship of trust between them and you because they know that you only advertise the best quality products to them, and if you were to advertise something that is not within their range of interest they would be more likely to buy from you because they know they can trust that it is of utmost quality.

4.     Be in it for the long run

 I cannot emphasise enough how much perseverance is important in this space. Think of it this way, there are literally no barriers to entry to affiliate marketing except having a laptop or computer, internet connection and for some affiliate programmes being 18. So, the amount of people that flock to this market are enormous and many of them give up because what they are looking for is a quick fix to their current financial status and if they don’t find that within the first 2 – 3 months they give up. On the other hand, to start seeing consistent and significant results in this arena is after at least the first 6 months and many do not reach that mark. So, what does that means for you? If you can go at it continually for at least 6 months you could very well start seeing the results you’re looking for. This is not a guarantee but only advice that based on your own application of it might very well get you where you want to be financially and as part of the 5% of successful affiliate marketers.

5.     Be ready to invest time and money

 The last and very crucial condition you need to know is that if you want to attain results as quick as possible, you’ll have to invest time, and (yes) even money in order to be part of that 5%. In any legit endeavour that will potentially bring you back boat loads of income money has to be invested in it as capital. Ask any highly successful person in any field. Money has to be invested in training, equipment, coaches and many more assets involved in their success and in affiliate marketing it is the same, especially if you will be going down the route of paid advertising.

 Paid advertising is the fastest way to make it as an affiliate marketer, but a word of caution is necessary not to start haphazardly spending money on Facebook ads and the like. You have to spend your money wisely and that means that you going through the necessary training first and then start spending your money where and how you would have learned is most likely to bring you the most return on your investment.

 On the time aspect it is important to spend at least 5 days a week either in training or coming up with ads or content for your audience. It is very important though that during the first few weeks this be done every day if possible, in order to attain the necessary momentum necessary to catapult you further in your journey to becoming part of the top 5%.

 Good luck on your journey to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, and if this article helped you in any way please share it with a friend.




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