If it’s broken, it can be fixed.

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I am going to be straight honest about something I did. One day in my desperate state of trying to make sense of this accountancy career, I typed into Google Search “What must I do to be happy?” To be honest I cannot remember the exact words I typed, because I was so eager to get the answer and start implementing it, that I might have made a few spelling errors here and there and my search words was accompanied by some panicky words like #@&% ...now.

This search of mine followed a series of events after advising a Client a most important aspect of the VAT law he was unaware off. Then doing all the work, submitting VAT returns, arguing with Revenue Service and obtaining a refund of over R400k.

Three months later after the Client received the R400k VAT refund from Revenue Service, I was still not paid my meager undercharged fee. I was shocked by his excuses that he had to settle more pressing creditors who was eager to get their greedy hands on anything he had. My plea to him that my staff and I put heart-and-sole into this assignment was comfortably ignored, with words such as “I am waiting for some investors funds”. I have heard that exact words before and we all know what he meant was: "You will not see the payment in a million years".    

To my astonishment Dr. Google had the prescription to my dilemma by delivering me a result of a few million. Clearly people had figured the solution, “Where have I been the past 20 years?” I must have entered the incorrect search words.

As is fallible human nature when being presented with a solution, I did not act. My mind was stuck at this it’s-too-good-to be true state. Anyway, middle last year I was presented with a similar situation. Delivering tax structuring advice to a Client that saved them thousands, I was met with this phrase upon presenting my discounted fee: “I suppose we have to pay you for your time” No shit Sherlock, I studied a full 10 years, shared 20 years of knowledge, shed some light on something you had no clue about and saved you thousands in tax which can potentially put you and your family into a comfortable retirement.

It struck me immediately like an upper-cut to the jaw on a weary boxer’s face, my business system is broken and I need to fix it immediately to sort my life out.

The digital economy is fixing a broken system

I resorted to my online search efforts again, this time to Youtube. I have discovered the power of the digital economy. It is clear and evident that the digital economy is going to majorly shape humankind and business forever. Dinosaur industries like Accounting, Finance and Law are in for a rocky ride. It is my belief that this change is necessary for the advancement of all humans and change is here. Worldwide acceptance is happening. I am simply going to point out the most important reason why:

  • You can literally reach millions of people simultaneously. Delivering value instantly at a fraction of the cost. The individuals who want one-on-one-time is going to pay the value it deserves.

    Louis Munro

    Chartered Accountant (SA)

    >Founder: Munro Accountancy Inc

    >Founder: Your Moment Your Life (YMYL)

    >Co-founder: Savvic Statutory Services (Pty) Ltd

    >Co-founder: The Fun Accountant

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