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  If you want more readers read these tips  

How many articles do you actually read from start to finish?
Chances are, like many people who are busy, you scan your way through them instead of reading line by line. Look around and you'll notice most of that scanning is done on mobile phones at the breakfast table, riding the bus or travelling the train.

Design your page layout so it's easy to scan.
Scientific studies have uncovered that people scan online content in an 'F-pattern'.
What this means is your reader's eyes move across the top of the screen to read your important headline then straight down the left to view quick info such as bullet points and numbers. This is why many articles include a number in the title for example:

Your reader's eyes continue to scan down then across to read bolded text and subheadings.

You've got seconds to catch your reader's eye.
If your reader finds nothing of interest in seconds they move on to someone elses content. This applies to all your online content including articles and adverts.

And just to demonstrate this here's the article you've just read...

F-shape layout helps your audience engage with your online content

Use marketing skills like this to guide your visitors to your offer.
Using this and other valuable skills will help you guide your visitors to your offer and, when the time is right for them,  where they will spend their hard earned cash.  Now it's your turn, put the F-pattern into practice and let how you got on.

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