“A WHOLE LOT OF CRUMBS MAKE A BREAD” - Jordy Smith, 4th world ranked surfer on the World Surf League (WSL) - 2017 Men's Championship Tour.

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Philosophical words from a surfer during an interview. Jordy’s psyche became evident from the interview after defeating Conner Coffin in his Round 5 win to advance to the quarter final of the JBay open.

At this stage of the 2017 year, Jordy was a serious title contender being the leader on the rankings for the 2017 world champion title. Jordy has just resurfed 3 heats. The first heat being called off during the heat after Jordy was well ahead due to lack of ocean swell. Jordy won the second heat but Conner objected against the score and after re-considering, the Judges gave Conner a new score that put a question mark on Jordy’s win. The only way to find who’s the better surfer was to resurf the heat.

It is difficult to put yourself in in Jordy’s exact mind-frame but the emotional turmoil and the spikes of exhilaration and then the downfall of not actually winning must have tested his strength of character to the limit. Careers are at stake in each heat-event.


The career of professional surfing

Professional surfing is an extremely tough career and the ultimate test of character and mental strength. There are 34 guys racing for the title. These are highly motivated people, hungry for success and to build a career doing something they love. That is to travel the globe and surf amazing waves at the best spots the globe has to offer. The margin between success and failure hanging on a thin thread. Ending a year at the bottom of the pile results in exiting the world tour, shattering of dreams and the recovery from that is highly unlikely. There is a constant wave of new young talent rising who is pushing the envelope on what can be done on a little piece of foam within chaotic circumstances based on what the ocean has to offer.

Surfing at that professional level means you need to bring your A-game each time you paddle out into the ocean. Aspects such as your equipment, fitness, mindset, coaching, dealing with injuries, general organising a life living from a suitcase. Some guys on the tour are married and have children. There are the constant pressure from sponsors that needs you to get the best result or the best photo-shot of the tournament. Let's face... it without the sponsors none of these surfers will experience this amazing life.

Some guys just make it looks easy


There is little to choose between the top 34, but you get those 10 surfers that just know how to get the results year-after-year. 11 Time world champion, Kelly Slater comes to mind. At the age of 45 he is still a serious contender for the world title. Some of the guys competing against him saw him when they were pushing their 3 wheel bicycle around as youngsters in video’s, on covers of nearly every sport magazine the world has. They are all trying to imitate what Kelly has done, which seem impossible to the human mind. Another surfer is John-John Florence, the current world champion from the beautiful island of Hawaii. May I add second year running! Jordy Smith is also one of the guys constantly performing well, never under threat of losing that spot within the top 34.

8 Lessons learned from surfing

You may ask what does that have to do with me doing my job or me trying to survive in the business world as upcoming entrepreneur or me trying to have a positive bank account and some reserves left to do what I love? It has everything to do with you as an individual.


8 lessons learned from surfing:

  1. Professional surfers craft their skill from a very young age. The most important aspect of surfing well is to spend time in the water. 

Spend time on your business.

2. These guys watch many, many videos and read articles to hone their skills and emulate what their mentors are doing. There is not an aspiring surfer who does not have a surfing legend they wish to be.

Continue to develop your skill. Find a trustworthy mentor.

3. They simply love what they are doing. No water is too cold, no wave is to crappy to surf, no flu or cold is too big to put you down. Entering the water for a surf is non-negotiable, it is a habit.

Follow your inner passion and do what you love.

4. They have fun. The exhilaration of a tube ride, top turn, air or carving down the face is known only to surfers. 

Have fun in all that you. If you are not having fun reassess your life. There are alternatives careers like online marketing whereby you can unleash your potential and have fun. Follow this link for more information on how it can be done - http://tidyurl.com/sxi5yl

5. They are addicted to surf and being in the ocean.

Become addicted to life and live without constrainst.

6. They share their love with friends. The feeling of sharing this ocean and the amazing waves with someone when you paddle out is very reassuring.

Choose who you want to be surrounded with.

7. The surfing community has a cammarady and friendship that is unmatched. Little children's early skills are honed in the waters and guided by everyone that can contribute too that little guy or girl’s surfing. The surfing community has a unique feeling to it as a unique culture which is difficult to describe in words.

Join a community that actually cares about you - http://tidyurl.com/eolcm5

8. When you paddle for a wave, you have to be all in. To make the wave you need to want it, you need to go for it and you need to be all in! Half hearted attempts only lead to failure or injuries.

What you put in is what you get out.  Do it for yourself!

"A whole lot of crumbs makes the bread" - In that heat contest between Jordy and Conner the competition was fierce. Two waves came through that were the kind of waves that matches Jordy’s style of power surfing. Jordy surfed every wave to the best of his abilities and scored a 10 point ride which made him win the contest. From the crumbs offered Jordy built a solid winning score that advanced him to the next level of the competition.


(Above image is actually your's truly. It can be done.)

This article was written by Louis Munro an entrepreneur, online marketer, business & life coach and Surfer. Should you want more insights like this, please subscribe to our blog post to be notified of articles written by the author.

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