Increasing Conversion Rates Boost Your Revenue - Part 5

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Colleagues, I trust we have agreement that Congruence, Customer Testimonials, Urgency (combined with Lead Magnets) and A/B Split Testing are all vital to boosting your conversion rates. So what lies ahead? Answer: Perform A/B/n Testing on multiple "Calls to Action" (CTAs). We addressed "CTAs" in a previous post. Syntax (written or verbal), Size, Location, Ease of Use and even Color are key elements of a great CTA. However, investing the time and effort to "test" are variety of CTAs across different media platforms (blogs, social media, forums, web sites, video ... desktop and mobile) can take your conversion rates from 2%-3% to 4%-5%. Even a 1%-2% increase in "Opt-Ins" can translate into a 10%-20% boost in downstream revenue. So where to start? We suggest carefully examining the "raw data" from whichever Integrated Business System or Sales Funnel tool you currently use. Moreover, you can use one of the automated testing tools mentioned in Part 4 of this series (Cardinal Path, Crazy Egg, InstaPage, Thrive Theme, UnBounce, VWO). Take action today by registering for our Free Trial and learn more about the Integrated Business System we use - click here now ( See you soon. Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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