Investing in rental property without the hassle

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With the Brexit looming and a 'no deal' on the horizon, the Chancellors Autumn statement in November is unlikely to provide any stimulus or confidence for investors. As a business owner the question for me is where do I place my mid to long term investments particularly with regards to retirement planning. 

Well my friends, the best solution is as ever, bricks and mortar. But not the old way of investing. Buying a rental property and hoping to get a decent tenant and reliable yield?  No, that is old hat now. However investing in London residential rental property is as solid as it has ever been. In fact, with the Cross Rail development well underway, there has never been a better time. But not the traditional way as I said before. It is now extremely easy to build a portfolio of rental properties by investing in property shares.

You do not have to get involved in any of the purchasing hassles, legalities or risks. You simply choose a property, select your level of investment and purchase a share of that property. You then receive not only the appreciative value of the property but a rental income share as a dividend. 

The brilliant part is that non UK residents can invest in London property and benefit from this solid market.

I currently have a portfolio of 40 London properties that are earning me an 8% yield and am building on this monthly.
Now, there are a number of companies offering this service but the guys I have chosen are Property Partner and would highly recommend them to anyone considering such an investment.

Roger Moisan


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