Is It Time To Fire Your Boss?


When I first got the idea to write this blog post, I thought hard about how I should start it.  I kept thinking to myself 'how can I make this blog post relevent to everyone.'  And then it hit me.  Cory, this blog post isn't for everyone.  In fact, this blog post is more than likely for a select group of people.  Those people who are Fed Up!  Fed up with going on day-to-day not living up to their true potential.  Those select few who know that there's more to life than what they are currently living, and have not resigned themselves to the bogus belief that says we can't have what we want in life.  

For a long time I've read books. 


Educational books and informational material that shared success principles, and taught that IT IS in fact possible to achieve your wildest dreams.  So I've always had a deep rooted belief that success was possible and that I didn't have to conform to the status quo. 

I've also always wanted to NOT have to answer to anyone.  To not have to put up with a boss who was barking orders at me all day long.  To not have to worry about the fact that if I don't do what this or that person says, then I'd be in trouble or run the risk of getting fired. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against following orders.  I've had some really cool bosses over the years.  People who I respect a lot and would go the extra mile for.  But I've also had some really crappy ones.  People who felt that they had power over me, and could use that power to talk to me in ways that I felt were disrespectful.  And the worse part was that I had to put up with it.  I had to pay my bills, and this 'JOB' was my income.  So I couldn't just say 'screw you' and quit everytime I had a dispute (although that may have happened a time or two ;) ). 


And then, out of nowhere, a blessing came flying into my experience.  An opportunity that, if I were willing to pay the price, would allow me to have the financial freedom that I've always wanted.  An opportunity that gave me the chance to finally be able to FIRE MY BOSS!  I could be my own boss.  No longer would I have to be a slave to some 'JOB' that I didn't really like, and no longer would I have to put up with some frustrating boss.

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