Job seekers have opportunities in the emerging digital economy

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There is no question that economic activity is shifting dramatically. More and more people are using the internet to do their shopping, resulting in traditional jobs in retail and sales to decrease as companies adapt their business models to meet the increasing demand by customers to shop from the comfort of their own home. 

Job seekers now have to look beyond the traditional job market for career options, and that is where the digital economy offers new opportunities. There are multiple options for serious job seekers, and I want to highlight just a few for those who want to take advantage of an emerging digital economy.   

Affiliate marketing

Companies like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy understand the immense power of social media. They offer programs that allow regular people like you and me to market their products as an affiliate to our social media networks, and pay a commission for every customer we send their way. You can either promote their products organically to those you are already connected with, or use the advertising platforms of companies like Facebook starting at less than the cost of a specialty coffee. 

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that companies fulfill the purchase to the customer, so all you need to do is promote their products to your friends and connections, and they do the rest. Your income potential is only limited to the effort you put in, and some people make a decent additional income in their spare time, or even a lucrative full time income.

To join a company as an affiliate, look for program offers on their websites. For example, if you scroll to the bottom of Amazon's website, you'll find a link under a heading called Make money with us. They invite you to become an associate and offer commissions up to 8.5% for sales you generate with your efforts.     

Sell your own products or service online

If you want to earn a greater cut on sales with your marketing efforts online, you can create your own product, source products in countries like China, or provide an online service or education. You can start a company with a few hundred dollars and quickly develop a list of interested and potential returning customers with a product launch.

Facebook allows you to target a very specific demographic market with their advanced advertising technology. You can promote your unique party cupcakes online to families in your neigbourhood, or invite people in your city to a free launch event. Amazon allows you to use their efficient distribution platform to bring your specialty yoga products right to the doorstep of your customers anywhere they deliver. Creating an online service like coaching or education allows you to serve your clients from your own home, anywhere in the world, and earn 100% of the income. 

What it takes to start marketing online

You need to learn how to set up your own online business, and the marketing skills to have potential customers take note of you online. One company that offers comprehensive education, as well as shelf ready products you can simply install on your home computer, is The Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

Students with SFM form supportive communities to help each other build their businesses, and you can become an SFM affiliate by promoting their digital products or attracting more students. They offer commissions as much as $1000 for selling a higher ticket product, and you can earn a residual income by selling monthly subscriptions.

SFM offers a free startup bundle with a series of educational videos to give you a foundational understanding of how digital marketing works. If it is something you could see yourself consider as an alternative to the traditional job market, or as a side hustle, sign up below and check it out. It might just be the opportunity you were waiting for.  



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