The flower! Just for laughs.

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I love my life, it is full of ups and downs but well we have enjoyed the road. In those times we have had great times of joy and accomplishments. The kind of times that make you go.

Yeah, the joy of accomplishment, its quite something isn't it. This is exactly how we felt when we saw the first flower. Flower? What are you talking about? You will know the power of a flower in an instance.

After our first failed business we wanted to get into something of our own since we were newlyweds. We decided it is high time we began to think about building a legacy. It was an epiphany. I mean at that time that was the greatest idea ever. We would begin something, grow it and enjoy the benefits.

Just for the record, maybe the above image represents how I reacted in my brain, not my face. The next question was where are we going to get the money that we were going to use to get into this business and what business was it? 

Incidentally, my brother had gone to visit a renowned farmer. This man was a passion fruit farmer and was quite inspiring. We went to his farm and we were awed by what he had done. He had 1.5acres of land with green luscious fruits. He told us about what he had to go through to get there, how he had to go through tough times. The land on which this farm was, was a rocky ground and so He told us we could do better if we found a better piece of land.

Since we were living in a small room at that time, we went home and begun to think hard on how this was going to take place. At that time we had no jobs, days passed with us just wishing things were better. The days were sober and they began early. You know when you sleep a lot without working much your brain tends to be rested half the time. You get to wake up and the first thing that comes to your brain is the gruesome situation that you are in. We never had the luxury of taking breakfast, my wife cooked once a day and we ate the same meal for about five months. It was amazing.

You know when you have some money in your life you tend to forget some notes in the clothes you take off after work. Those days I would thoroughly search my pockets before taking my clothes off and when there was no money in the house I would look through my pockets hoping to find something in there. What a life! Coins meant the world to us, we could at least buy a doughnut to have for lunch.

So anyway, from the first failed business we managed to get some returns from the money we had put in so we used that money to get a piece of land where we were to begin this project. We rented the land for two years because we were very ambitious. A mistake I will never make again, being too ambitious helps you lock yourself in a jail of mistakes. We should have tried this for about one year then conclude if it was for us or not.

Somehow we managed to borrow money from family and friends. We got enough to help us get started. We began in July 2016. By the time we began the season was so hot, not the ideal planting time but if you had some water nearby you could use that. With that knowledge, we set up a shallow well and begun.

Since we were living quite a distance from the project we needed transport to get there every day. You can imagine this was an additional need to the already overwhelming ones we had. I remember one day which was a watering day, we had no money and had used the credit we had from some people. I had no choice I decided to use a bicycle to ride there. Now for you who has no idea how far this was and the terrain involved you may not get the picture. Long story short it was going to be a hell of a ride.

If you want to know how I got there and watered those 300 plants by myself, its a story for another day which deserves an article by itself.

What is this flower that I am talking about in this article? If you know something about passion fruits you know that you don't get any fruit before the flower shows up. It takes 5 months for that flower to show up and when it shows up it feels like the light you see after walking through a tunnel of darkness.

I remember the day well, we were in the garden watering the plants as usual. As I was looking at them, just examining if they showed any signs of disease or anything I noticed one of the plants had finally shown me what we had been waiting for. A flower!

Yeah, on the surface I just called my wife and showed her the flower but on the inside that is exactly how I felt. Like a little girl who just got her new princess dress. You wouldn't understand. This meant my poor days were over, I was getting somewhere. It was a big milestone in my life. The flower meant my liberation. My hard work had paid off. Wow.

Ours is an interesting story and we had a lot to learn on the journey. This is so that you can know that there is no situation that will never change. 

By the way, the plantation grew and begun producing results and then failed too but life moved on. If you are still alive all things are possible because the most important part of a car is the engine. If the engine still works other parts can be added to make the whole automobile mobile.

If giving up is an option that brings results then I think many would have already taken it. However its perseverance and a stubborn attitude that gets things done. If we decided to get beaten then that would have been the end of us. However, through the grace of God, we are here today.

On this path, we made friends and joined communities that helped us grow and get better. One of these is the cornerstone ministry that we decided to go serve in. Our lives begun having meaning, that was after the whole ordeal of failure. We were helping out in church and also reaching out to others.

I think my biggest lesson is that there is a time for everything and no situation is permanent. 

Till later. Thank you for reading and if you are looking to join one of the communities which have helped me get started with my online business. Feel free to click the banner below so you can get free training to send you on your way

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