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The Law Of Attraction:

Do We Understand The Law Of Attraction ?

  • What We Think and Feel We Attract
  • We Reap What We Sow
  • Positive Attracts Positive

The Law Of Vibration:

When I read " You Are Born Rich " by Mr Bob Proctor, he explains the law of vibration , for me this put a piece in the jigsaw puzzle why?


This is my version of his teachings;

It has been proven by quantum physics that everything is energy, energy vibrates, for instance if you hold you arm out, unless you look through a powerfull microscope you will not see your arm vibrating at 186,300 miles per second !! Our thoughts vibrate at a higher frequency, this is proven by EEG machines, with this in mind it proves our thoughts are vibrating. Be aware they can vibrate in the negative or in the positive, because we have free will we decide which vibration we choose, also we cannot have one without the other as we need to understand there is a difference between the two. Which do you choose ?

Now we know the fact that thought is a vibration we have a deeper understanding of the law of attraction, if we focus on a thought of a new car or holiday we send out this vibration and the law of attraction takes over. The universal energy finds a way of delivering if we think, imagine and belive we are in possession of the thing we want.

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