Life after redundancy

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Life after redundancy

We all have heard that it is likely that redundancy will get you at least once in your lifetime and yet it is not until that moment when you are told that it is actually happening to you that it hits you. Yes, you who spent over a decade trusting that your good results, hard work, commitment, friendships would help you continue in your comfortable 9 to 5.

When this happened, I wasn't necessarily shocked as I knew it could happen. Hey, I think that even at some point I may have mentioned to my boss that I couldn't find the next role for me (obviously, this didn't help me). If you like me have gone through this experience, you will understand what I mean. Companies make these decisions, and they are not personal, but oh boy, they are still very personal to you. There are so many feelings that suddenly appear.

My own roller coaster of redundancy feelings included:

  • Disappointment. How can they not value me? 
  • Anger. I can't believe they are doing this 
  • Depression. Will I ever find a job?
  • Excitement. I have so many choices
  • Depression again. But what if I'm not that good after all
  • Acceptance. I need to move on


I experienced more feelings and sometimes many of them in a single day. In the beginning, I most say I enjoyed it. I could do all those little things that I postponed for years and finally, relax. Yes, at some point you can even experience life without the daily stress of commuting, deadlines, office politics. But all things come to an end, and then your bank account starts suffering from either the fact that you are not getting hired and I most admit a little bit of procrastination.

And at that point, it hit me again. Here I am in my very own middle life crisis and start wondering. Could enjoy this 'lack of stress' feeling for longer? Could there be a solution to avoid the three hours commute into the City? Could I do something that will allow me to spend more time with my family? (and not keep missing all the big events with my daughter). Could I then set up my own business and be my own boss? Could I finally adventure into this entrepreneurial world? 

I was never really a risk taker. Actually, I was always pretty conservative with my decisions (even those that seemed risky were always calculated), but life can always send you more curve balls even when you think you had enough (I believe that this curve ball deserves its own blog).

So what is next in life after redundancy

Well, here I am deciding that enough is enough and I will let myself achieve what I really desire. Always thought that everything happens for a reason and maybe this is it. So this is the year that I will not sit comfortably in the 9 to 5 of the corporate world or uncomfortable commuting every day. This is the year that I will start experience the lifestyle I have always dreamed off. 

How have you experienced redundancy?

Would you also set up your own business?


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