Living the Digital Laptop Life

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Living the Digital Laptop Life of Freedom


In a world of progressive technological change

Where ample digital opportunities lie in range,

Humans still seem to drift from dreams and goals,

And hopes, perforated with holes.

But with the Laptop life, humans still has a chance to be financially decent,

Irrespective of age, race,

Geographical location, or descent `

Six Figure Mentors open the door for opportunity

To achieve one’s dream with credibility.

With providence of affiliate marketing business in might,

Six figure Mentors teach humans to trail the path of light.

A proven, tested, and trusted system of business, to live the digital life.

We live, breathe, and feed our world in affluence with the laptop life.

For more information, register your details with us at,

As we teach in steps,

How to let your dreams advance

With lasting relevance.

paul boorman

Digital Marketing Specialist

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