Make A Decision

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Do we make decision's ? If we think about this subject in depth it can be very frightening, I don't mean making a decision to sweep your yard or wash your car, I mean life changing decision's. Let's look a little further what I mean, we usually make " safe" decision's" such as: we will buy a car when we know we have the funding to do so , or we will buy a new dress when we know we have the money to make the purchase. 


Lets think out of the box a little:
  • I am going to start my own business
  • I am going to buy a sports car
  • I am going on an exotic holiday
  • I am going to change my career

Now these are what I call decision's that stir up fear, most of us would want to do one of the above, but Mr Fear kicks in and that little voice in our head will give lot's of reason's why we cannot make this decision. I have personally experienced this little voice on many occasions and interestingly enough when I look back and analyse the outcome this little voice convinced me " yes, we will do this when we have the capitol or when the time is right, now is not the time so sit back relax and the time will come " Well the time never came until I made the decision and ignored the little voice. was I frightened on these occasions? Sure I was, in fact in some instances in my past I was absolutely terrified.

This is why Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" devoted a whole chapter to it Bob Proctor  who is 84 years old studied this book for 57 years, the link will take you to his video series ;

If anyone who read this blog decides to follow through with something they were thinking about by making a definite decision and not listening to that little voice, your life will change. Your mind will take over and guide you to achieve what you have decided, as long as you do not QUIT along the way. Do not listen to anyones opinion on what you are doing, in fact I would advise against discussing with anyone your decision to achieve whatever you have decided, move along silently, looking for guidance and explore opportunities that present themselves to you, as these will bring you to your goal.

If you want to achieve something and Mr Fear is in your mind I would advise you to listen to Bob and read "Think and Grow Rich". Don't let anything or anyone hold you back. This year I closed my conventional business, this was the most frightening experience of my life. I knew I wanted to start over with something new and fresh. I decided " It Was Time For Change In Life " I am now doing exactly that! I wanted another business that I could build and learn from home without lots of capital outlay, If you want to see what I am doing please visit my website, it will also explain how you can do the same if this is your DECISION. 

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