How To Make The Most Of Your Time And Money When Approaching Retirement

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Approaching retirement could be a nightmare, if……

After 50 you’ll start to have retirement on your radar, but approaching retirement could be a horrible surprise for many people.

We all have different careers and paths in life. The approaching retirement is what unifies us all.

The situation was somewhat different when our parents were retired. By that time the funds were sufficient to finance a decent and even a pleasant retirement. With increased longevity and poor performance of the pension funds, the reality is different.

If you don’t have any private saving funds to rely on you could be facing a sad reality when approaching retirement.

The statistics are scaring. According to an article in USA Today published in March 2017, only 24% of baby boomers are confident they will have enough savings for a comfortable retirement. And that figure is down from 36% a few years earlier.

The other side of the coin is the time.

My father worked hard and earned good money. He always talked about what he and my mother would do when retiring. Then my dad suddenly died just after 61st birthday, and they never were able to fulfill their dream together.

When that happened to my father, it was the first time I thought about time as an essential variable in the life equation. It was a kind of “wake-up-call.”

Get More Time To Do What You Want When Approaching Retirement


If I ask you: How long are you going to live from today? 3 years, 6 years, 10 years, 40 years?

No one knows for sure how long we have left, and a better question would then be:

How do you want to spend your remaining years?

Will your life be filled doing the things you really want to do, or will you live hand-to-mouth for the rest of your day?

When at the top of your career, you could have a good income but no time. Or you can have a lot of time but no money to spend on what you would like to do in life.

For us baby boomers, it goes from a subject to a severe issue when approaching retirement.

To be honest, when in your 40s and peaking your career, you never think about retirement. It’s so far away that you don’t bother. However, the time passes faster than what you can imagine, and once of a sudden, you are approaching retirement with high speed.

The economies and business environment have been more stringent for every year and to find a job, especially when you are 50 and above is a really tough work to do.

Therefore, it’s not a random coincidence that the typical baby boomer over 50 years old belongs to the fastest growing group of independent entrepreneurs in the U.S. Read my article “Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It,” where the main five reasons behind it are revealed.

Approaching Retirement Should Make You Happy


Fortunately, the changes in your surroundings are not only of negative nature. With the digital revolution going on right now, there have never been so many opportunities like today.

Some years ago I did some research on how to actually build a business online. What I found was in some way too good to be true. You could start part-time and immediately.

I firmly believe that online entrepreneurship will help people just like you. You can create a better life for yourself whether you’re in retirement or are approaching retirement.

The luck was on my side, and I quickly discovered an incredible system that allows you to fulfill your passion.

Besides earning a good money, you’ll have time to do what you love to do in life.

In my case, I travel the world together with my wife, experiencing new fascinating places. I can also dedicate sufficient time to my other passion that is marathon running. And I promise you that it takes a lot of time.

Maybe you think as you are reading this that it’s too late and that you can’t possibly start a business at your age.

But do you know what? Don’t let these false beliefs hold you back from living the life of your dream.

In fact, according to an article in Forbes, 52% of new home business owners are over age 55. And 79% are over 45 years old.

Benefits Of Getting Older And Approaching Retirement

In other words, most people starting businesses are baby boomers. It’s NOT too late! This is something you seriously should consider.

When searching for a business online, you should look for the following key elements that are crucial to your success:

  • You should work with people who have done what you want to do and are willing to help you
  • You need a reliable and proven system, including everything you need for your business, and that is easy to follow even for a complete newbie.
  • Coaching and support 24/7

This system works for me, and thousands of others. For sure it will work for you too! Why shouldn’t it?

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, and even retired, hoping someday to have the money and the time to really enjoy life……Please don’t wait!

If you don’t feel comfortable with your retirement situation, this is the perfect time to watch the following video, where our co-founder Stuart Ross explains more about the system versus age.

Stuart’s comments and recommendations come along well with some age benefits presented in the article “6 Benefits of Getting Older You Probably Never Expected,” published by the blog Lifehack.

Just with the two first benefits out of totally 6, it’s already a jackpot:

Clearer priorities and not caring as much what others think, you fulfill two promising attributes for a successful online entrepreneurship.

The only step you need to take is to click the banner below and give it a try. It will blow your mind!

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