Marketing is to ”pay-it-forward”

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Marketing is to practice your values: ”pay-it-forward” 

To practice marketing, you aim at making a lasting and long good impression to have your people remember your brand, right?

Wouldn’t you agree that you would want to make a great impression that isn’t about selling something, but to give so much value that people will connect your brand with something good forever? Making a good impression often lasts a long time.

undefinedValues and good impressions

The topic of today is, values, and making good impressions that last by giving substantial value.

Let me tell you something about an incident that happened to me.

I value to being a good human and helping others. I am sure that I’m not alone in this way of thinking. I also believe that we all can do much more to make an impact to create a better world. The smallest things that isn’t difficult to do. We just need to remind ourselves to look for the opportunity to help people around us. 

One day, I was in a grocery store to buy some groceries. I had just come home after a business trip and I had picked up my two children from school who was waiting in the car for me while I just went in to buy dinner. 

In front of me in the line to the cashier is a child that isn’t older than my oldest kid, about 9-10 years of age I would guess. He had got money from his parents to get some necessary groceries like bread, milk and so forth. He has also put a bottle of cough syrup in front of the cashier to buy. The cashier starts to register the items that he is to purchase but when she comes to the cough syrup she stops. She lets the young kid know that he is under age to be able to buy this and she can’t sell it to him. His parents probably didn’t know that this wasn’t allowed.

The kid look up at her and was really upset, ”- my little brother really needs this”, he said. He was really sad and upset and didn’t know how to handle the situation or what to do.

Since I was right behind him. I saw the whole incident and I said, -”put on my bill instead.” 

What I saw in front of me, was a young boy who was trying to help his mother or father by going to the store since they couldn’t. Obviously, because they didn’t want to bring the little brother, who was sick, to the store. Also, I realized that this boy had to live close by since he was by himself and all alone. So my offer was still standing. I wasn’t going to let this kid go without helping him.

Firmly the woman said to me: ”- I can’t sell this to you, you will give this to the boy outside.” I told her, that I wouldn’t do that and that I am not underage to buy it. I realized that giving it to the boy outside the store would have been illegal and that was not an option for me. She then called the store manager. She explained the situation. He listened. Then I explained. ”-I won’t give this to the boy outside the store, my plan is to follow him home and hand over the bottle to the parent at home. Since he is by himself, I understand that he is not living far away and I have a few extra minutes to help him.”

The store manager believed me but both the cashier lady and the store manager was noticeable annoyed with what I was doing. I told the boy to wait for me while I paid for my stuff and bought the bottle.

Outside I explain to the boy that I cannot give him the bottle and that I need to follow him home to give it to his parent. It turned out that he was only living a short walk from the store so we started walking.

When we came to the door I told him to get his mother or father, I wanted to hand over the bottle myself to make sure that it was completely correct. I heard a young child inside, coughing, and the mother came to the door. I explained the situation to her and handed over the bottle. She was overwhelmed but had no cash to pay for the bottle. She asked for my address to send me the money or come by with it later. I refused to do that. Instead, I just said: ”-pay it forward. Next time you see that someone needs help, help that person.” Then I left. I said goodbye to the young boy and left. It was the best feeling. Ever.

undefinedThis is what I do

I have done this a couple of times, another time I bought some pasta for a mother that didn’t have enough money. 

Another, I made sure that a lady came home safe and sound after she had fainted in a store and had a car that she didn’t know how to get home.

And, just the other day, I gave money to a lady so that she could go to a public toilet.

It is so easy, and it makes such an impact.

I am sure that these people will remember my actions, not necessarily me, but my random act of kindness. And I always say to the people I help: ”-Don’t thank me, pay it forward.” I am a strong believer that you choose your actions and that one person can and will make a difference. 

How does this impact my business?

Ok, now I have babbled on and on about the ”paying it forward thing”, how does that relate to my business?

Well, you are what you do, and your choices that you make.

You are your business, and you live and breathe your values, which directly reflects your business. You are your brand, which in next turn reflects your values, ethics, and morale. Which is what you are marketing when marketing your business.

As a marketer you want people to connect your brand with value and not somebody that his trying to sell, sell, sell. When people remember you for your actions and the value you deliver, people will not forgive you. This is also why it is so important that you know your company’s values. What values and what action do you want to be remembered by? This is also why companies often are involved in charity.

Can you see how your actions reflect your values and how you choose to communicate your brand? Your attitude is reflecting how you market and communicate to your audience.

What can you do today to impact a little in this world? What action can you take that can make a chain reaction to improve little things in life?

What are your core values?

What can you do today that has a positive impact in the world? 

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
Marketing with Body, Soul & Business Spirit

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