Mentality of a leader Part 1

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It is amazing how we humans possess the best gift in this realm but we use it for self-destruction. What is this thing called you say? A brain!

The power that is stored in that organ is unlike anything I can imagine. Just look at how people use their brains to lock themselves up in traditions. How can a person believe something so unreal to the extent that it becomes real to them? What kind of power is that?

I have come to conclude that most of the afflictions we face are self-imposed. The limitations we meet are fabricated in our own minds. All the while we have a weapon but use it to shoot ourselves in the foot. 

I can dare to ask this question: do you know how to use your brain? 

Come let us think together today. Are we meeting our potential with this organ? I have read several self-development books that have helped me get liberated. I have learned that the more knowledge I have on this topic of the power in my brain the better for me.

The brain can get out of control but when you look closely, the same brain we all have behaves differently in different people. And I use the word behaves for lack of a better word, because you find you are naturally good at some things and others you need to make a very big effort to learn. This I have come to learn is called your domain or passion. 

When you grow in your passion, you inadvertently become a leader in it. Think about it, everyone who is really good at what they do is either called an authority or a leader. So leadership is something that is inbuilt and not learned. You are a leader in the area you are passionate about if you develop it to the extent that it is noticeable.

I wish it was that easy, though the brain is powerful it has to be trained otherwise your life can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Ups and downs and hardly getting anything done.

Mentality by definition is a developed state of mind. I say developed because some of the mentalities we learn from associations are hardly versatile enough to help us make the right choices.

What mentalities should one develop to be able to reach their goals?

1- Know your purpose(reason for being born): discovering the reason why you were born is very important because it helps you find direction. One of the ways you can know your purpose is knowing things you can't stand. If you can't stand seeing people suffering then you know you were born to do that.

2- Know your vision (purpose in pictures): once you know your purpose, you need a vision. Vision is your purpose in pictures. What exactly about your purpose are you going to accomplish? This could be sequential. You make the rules and follow through. That is a vision.

3- Share your inspiration: the people who are to help don't know. The finance for your vision may be from companies and many other helpers but you need to share your vision. I have wanted to teach AI for a while, I shared with the head of my organization and they are offering us premises to teach for free.

4- Commit to principles and values: commit to some standards, and values in order to move towards your vision. Values protect you and also protect your vision. Standards help you in many ways such as not wasting time or doing activities that would sabotage your vision.

5- Express your passion: repetition does not only help us learn better but it is an expression of passion. Express your passion to reach your vision more and more and it will help you keep focused towards it. (leaders always talk about the things they are passionate about, proof of passion is repetition).

Are you in a place where you know you ought to leave. You have what it takes to move forward. To lead others you need to lead yourself first. 

One of the places I would like to be is a place of financial abundance. My vision is to impact the marginalized, help the sick. I need money to do that so I am taking steps towards that. I am also passionate about education. I am hoping to contribute to that one day.

So what am I doing? I have joined a community of people who are consistently training me on how to become a better online business person.

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Good luck and don't forget to leave a comment.

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