Mentality of a leader Part 2

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If you are reading this article before reading part one, you are missing out on fundamental points in the first article. You can find it here. We covered some essential points in that article towards being the leader you should be.

6-Leaders empower others: the fulfillment of a leader comes through serving others. The power is in giving. When your vision as a leader it is time to show others how to achieve the same results. We live in a society where we don't feel safe around leaders. This is partly because a lot of people in authority have abused their power. Instead of raising up people they selfishly trample on any seed that is bringing a shoot.

7- Discipline themselves to protect their purpose: the most important thing to a leader is his goals and in order to attain them leaders have to live a life of discipline. Leaders need to be very strict on the things they spend their time on. If something is not building them up then it can be assumed to be tearing them down. Leaders live with a strict code of conduct, they don't need to be reminded what to do because they police themselves. Their values protect them. They cannot wear their values in secret. they preach their code of ethics

8- Know how to coordinate their resources: one of the greatest resources we have on earth is time. It is so important because it is limited for everyone. Others include money and many others. A good leader must learn how to coordinate their resources for effective results. They must be good managers of their time. You can't just do what you want and expect to meet your goals. Priorities are a must.

9- They must manage priorities: priorities are to be managed by a leader. A priority is an activity or demand of resource that needs immediate attention. Priorities must have an order each day with some coming first and others after. Not all things are necessary or important at the same time. My priorities, God, Wife, Children, Vision.

10- Leaders mentor their successors: in my society, we were taught to build our own lives the sense of legacy was not instilled in us. You know why legacy is important? It guarantees growth, when you begin with a small house, pay the price and help your son get an education and start a small business for him its growth. When you teach your son what it takes to pass on the baton to the next generation that is leadership. It guarantees growth in generations. The vision of your family must also be attained.

I have a family of two right now. Me and my wife. I, however, know the impact of making the wrong choice when the time comes. I know what it means to take the wrong priorities and waste resources. These decisions affect many people all the way to your kid's husbands and wives.

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