Midlife Quest

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Have you reached a point in your life where you're wondering what on earth it's all about?

I'm 47 now but I started having these kinds of thoughts a few years ago, and a few questions popped up for me like; What is my purpose?  How do I feel more fulfilled?  And how can I feel more connected?

I was thinking there has to be more to life.  All those dreams I had about traveling the world and having a dream job.  But also I had reached a point where I needed more meaning, to find my purpose, I had been bimbling along for a while letting life pass me by.  And the clincher; I don't want to get to the end of my life and wonder 'what was that?'

Wake up call

This gave me a massive kick up the backside, at that point I knew that I had to do something about my life, I really needed change.  But what was that change going to look like?  What was it going to feel like?  I had no idea but finding my purpose was by far the biggest thing on my mind.  I'm guessing many people my age feel like this.  I would love to know.  Is it an age thing?  Or other circumstances?

Don't' get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for so many things in my life.  I have lovely friends and we frequently go camping in the summer so I can get my fix of nature and the outdoors which I crave.  I have an incredibly supportive and loving family.  But there was something missing..

Finding my purpose

As all of this was stewing away in my mind I stumbled upon an education system.  So what?  I hear you say.  Well, this is no ordinary education system.  Through the training that I am doing I am not only learning online marketing skills that I will be able to take pretty much anywhere in the world, but with the help from the coaches and digging deep I am finding my purpose.  My actual purpose.

Now, when I first looked into this system I was pulled in by the idea of travel and freedom to work anywhere.  But finding my purpose in life?  I never expected to find that too even though that is what I had initially been seeking.  And here I am finding out what it is!  I'll admit, this has blown me away a bit.  And I didn't think I would find it through an organisation that teaches digital marketing skills

The catch

The flipside?  I am having to put in some hours and financially, I have invested significantly.  But my life is progressing in ways I never thought possible and you cannot put a price on that.  With the help and support of an amazing community, top class training and guidance, I am feeling fulfilled on a much deeper level. 

I’m on this earth to experience excitement, travel, fun, journeys, connecting with nature, to be creative, love my family, my friends and help people.  The life I need is full of adventure and experiences.  There is a lot to do!

It's never too late to change.  Start dreaming again and take the leap you need to get the life you want.  There is a huge support network ready to help you.

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See you next time :)

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