Millionaire Is The New Middle Class!

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If you ask most people if they want to get rich, they will tell you something like: "I`m happy where I am, I don`t need all of that money, I don`t want to be perceived as a bad person!" It`s easy today, for me to identify those people, I used to be one of them, brought up as a lower-middle-class kid, with a scarcity mentality and living in an environment filled with worries at every second of every day about money... I used to think that a million dollars was a lot of money, that being wealthy was a pie in the sky... it isn`t and today I`m gonna explain why you should also consider making the decision to give up the poor mentality.

Take the wealthiest country in the world as an example, the U.S., where, accordingly to the Spectrem Group's Market Insights Report 2017, last year, there was a record 10.8 million millionaires, the highest number ever with an increase of 400 000 from the previous year. As this numbers increase, the percentage of people in the middle-class decreases, falling from 55 to 52%, since 2000. Now, besides those facts, what`s the difference from the middle-class in the 40`s and the one today? Nothing... "get an education, a good job, buy a house and get you a retirement plan!"... except for the cost of goods, inflation. In the graph below, you`ll be able to see the average American household income from 1965 to 2015, separated in quintiles.


As you can see, the bottom four lines represent the middle-class, the only portion that stays pretty much flat for 50 years and we know that everything that stays flat eventually will fall down. It`s important to understand that, in spite of America and the world, in general, have been through some economic crisis, the top quintile and the 5% continued with the uphill pattern anyways. There will be a time when there are only two sides: the rich and the poor!

Look, I don`t live in the U.S., yet I`m pretty sure that most Americans are far less aware of this situation than I am... it`s a global problem, though!

Now, if you`ve accumulated 1 million dollars, living in America, assuming that you would be retired by now or just living off that amount, you could only last about 4 years in most cities with no new income. What`s the solution now?

Run as fast as you can from the middle class... make a decision to be a millionaire, you deserve to not be constantly worried about money, to not going to sleep with all the bills in your head and to enjoy a pleasant life with the ones you love... look at what other people are doing, has never been so easy like today, with the internet expanding and the traditional economy falling down, people are starting to realise that they can earn an income faster, in bigger portions, working less and enjoying more. Take an e-commerce or affiliate type, internet business for example, where millionaires are being made, they don`t have a fancy degree, they don`t an idea, they don`t need to be rich, already, to start the business, there are people from every age and continent making a living out of the internet.

When are you gonna made a decision to give up the old mindset, that it is proven to not work, as I was an example of that failure, and go after the financial freedom you are looking for? You don`t deserve vacations, you don`t deserve time off... you deserve to be so freaking rich that you don`t have to work again!

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