Mindset Sunday Week #4 - Taking a leap into the unknown.

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Before you skim read through my blog, just take a moment to feed the unconscious mind by watching this very inspiring video called "Jump" - by Steve Harvey

This a topic close to our hearts because we have taken a huge leap of faith into the unknown and decided that being successful entrepreneurs was our way out of the mundane and insane rat race of the corporate world. It was an easy decision because it felt right, but there was quite some effort involved in learning a new skill like digital marketing.

The Unknown 

Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown”

Brian Tracy

We believed that if we took a leap of faith, and trusted in our abilities that we would be able to create a life that we could be proud of that didn’t just consist of work, work, a little bit of fun and family, work, work and more work. That really is what life felt like most days, and taking a leap into the unknown was the only way to open ourselves up to a world of possibilities.

Facing your fears and taking that leap can be one of the most exhilarating things you will ever do, putting yourself out there over the internet and letting people from all around the world find you will expand your horizons. Sharing our words with the world was one of the scariest things we had done in a long time, but to move forward we had to push the boundaries of our comfort zone.

We didn’t want to stand still forever and feel as though we were never moving forward because to us that didn’t feel like living, it felt like it was just existing. Selling our time for money and missing out on precious time with our child.

Leap into the unknown and know that where you land is where you are meant to be.”

Shelby Lynne

5 Reasons to take that leap into the unknown:

  • What have you got to lose?                                                                             When you way up the pros and cons of taking a leap into the unknown you can clearly see the answer to your question of what do you have to lose and weighing it up against what you have to gain is probably the better question!!
  • There is no time like the present
    Why live in the past or live in the future when there is no time like the present, when you really think about it there is nothing else but now.
  • Overcome your fear
    What better time to try something new and overcome any fears you have about trying something new and taking a risk, taking a leap into the unknown!!
  •  Have faith in your ability
    It’s time to stop saying “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” and start sending the right message out to the universe that YOU CAN!! Have faith in your ability, decide what it is you want and be positive about the fact that you can achieve what you set out to do.
  • Invest in yourself
    I remember reading once that if you are not learning you are dying, and while that might be a little bit dramatic it does put the point across that we are never too old to learn and try our hands at something new, something life-changing.

Share with us your story of how you have or might like to take a leap into the unknown, what fears you may have and what motivates you to move forward. We would love to hear your story and share your experience.

If you feel ready to take that leap, a leap that might scare the crap out of you but one that you just know you need to take, a leap to entrepreneurship that you have been thinking about for a while now…..then click this link below and see if it inspires you to take that leap.

What's stopping you?

Take the Leap




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