Mindset Sunday Week # 7 – Surviving the Corporate World!

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The corporate world can be a great place to start your working life as it can be ripe with possibility, and with the right amount of hard work and “can do” attitude a person can go far. Our combined experience in the corporate world is almost 30 years. We started in small corporates with under 100 employees and have been a part of those companies growing to over 500 staff members.

I remember my first few years on the job in one of the companies, I knew almost everybody – if not by name, definitely by face. But towards the end I hardly know anyone, as the company had grown so much over the 10 years I had been there.

We never thought about starting our own business because we assumed you needed a large amount of capital to get started and also some idea of what you want to do. But that just isn’t the case in this new digital world, and the laptop lifestyle is a genuine possibility for anyone willing to try. That’s not to say that a lot of effort and some money is not required, because they are, and anyone who tells you otherwise is sorely mistaken. If you feel this is something that you might be interested in, then take some time to invest in your future and check out this link: Click Here

Here are 6 tips and lessons we have learned to help you survive the corporate world:

1) Be Positive

Working with someone with a positive attitude is so much better than having to listen to a “Negative Ned” who whines and complains all day. The day will drag by painfully if there is negativity. If you are not happy in your job, then some soul searching is required to change your attitude or perhaps follow your dreams elsewhere.

2) Learn from those around you

Over the years we learnt so much from mentors, managers and team members willing to help us, newbies. And when the time came, we were always the ones to teach new members of the team and apprentices. You would be amazed at what you can learn from other departments so don’t limit yourself to only looking to master your role, being a jack of all trades does undoubtedly come in handy and can lead to an advantageous day when you are able to help those around you.

“Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them more. - Oscar Wilde”

3) Work hard, but keep the balance

If you are wanting to make a career and climb the corporate ladder, then this is synonymous with hard work, but be sure that you are not burning the midnight oil at the expense of family and friends. Burnout is a genuine possibility in corporate life, and none of your hard work will mean anything if you neglect your family and friends along the way.

4) Avoid the rumour mill

It is natural for gossip to be rife in any environment, but rumours move especially fast in the corporate world. Try to stay away from the scandal, as tempting as it is to get stuck in the rumour mill be careful or you could end up getting involved in something you really didn’t want to. We have always been the last to hear any gossip, and we like it that way, it’s safer for sure.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.  Mark Twain”

5) Don’t blur the lines between personal and professional relationships

Don’t dip your wick in the company ink as the saying goes. We spend so much time at work though it’s not surprising attachments are formed there, those attachments can seriously overcomplicate things in working life.

6) Gravitate to the positive

Stay away from the moaners and groaners in your office, they will only bring you down and put you into a negative mindset. Instead, gravitate to the positive folk, the people with a positive mindset will be the ones to get you out of the doldrums on those grey days when just can’t see the bright side of life.

For more great advice check out the Self-Made millennial, she has some helpful video tips on corporate life:

The corporate world gave us so many things in our working life, we earned good money and learned so many things about working hard, working in a team and what it means to keep a client happy and manage people. These things are invaluable in a career in the corporate world, but if you start to think to yourself that there must be something more, something else to this life than working in a large company, then do yourself a favour and check the link below: Click Here

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