Can you ever retire?

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My parents didn't actually tell me anything about money. Instead, I watched & witnessed what they did around money & work.

They were hard working and they cared about living a life of purpose and value. That's what I remember the most. My father doing what he started out loving and then staying a lifetime because you don't quit. Well - that and the fact that he was a stubborn old goat.
My mother made miracles happen with (by her definition - a limited income). I had absolutely no concept of lack. A lack of anything. Money. Love. Happiness. Kindness. Time. Freedom. There was always enough. I felt blessed and I felt abundant. In hindsight - we had very little materially but I never noticed as I had neither desire nor need.
Money in money out. Right?
I was raised confident and strong in the (wilds) of South Africa on a Game Reserve. Money had no relevance for me in that environment. I was wealthy beyond measure. I was enriched. I had super-powers. I read Richie Rich comics and plucked my money straight off the money tree.


So, I lived what I had learned.

I worked very hard at a career that I loved initially - enough to start my own Hospitality businesses in a competitive industry and maintaining it for 27 years. We fed Michael Jackson, Madiba and the Apostles:) My Event management portfolio carries the Olympic rings. I remained in the industry because I was good at it and like my father said - you must remain constant and therefore reliable. For a long time, I measured my success in business by the fact that I had actually remained in business for as long as I had. I traveled, my needs were met and I had time freedom. I was my own boss - that was the best part. All good. I slept through the night. I was living as I had learned. If things got tough as they invariably do when you are self-employed - I worked harder. 


Old -fartdom creeps in like a fog. When did I start grunting when I either stand up or sit down! There will come a time when you no longer can trust a cough in public - never happened to me, but to a friend:)) There will come a time when you cannot head out into the sunshine, tweezers in hand and pluck only your eyebrows. Your friends are excited about knitting. Again - not your sexy bad self - your friends.

When you are self-employed, there will definitely come a time when you cannot work any harder than you do and you will begin to wonder if you can ever retire.

Chances are, that if you too are self-employed and still with me and reading this - you wake up in the middle of the night. Stressing. When England is too full and you live in a country like South Africa with it's dodgy public sector programmes. Can you ever retire? What will you do when you simply cannot work any harder than you do?


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