My Ideal Day!

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This is my ideal day. Not to be confused with my present life but my dream. What I am trying to achieve with my online marketing business. This is what is going to drive me to stay positive and focus on making sure my dream comes true. 

Let me give you a little background as to where I am currently. I work in the oilfield in West Texas. I am a gas plant operator. As I sit here writing this, an arctic cold front is rolling in and guess who starts his first night of 7 tomorrow night? Yep, this guy. So this ideal day I have in my head will be much warmer, as you are fixing to find out. 

So I love to fish and hunt, although I don't get to do either one near as often as I would like. As of now, our dream is to move somewhere along the gulf coast after our youngest son graduates in 2 1/2 years. 

I will wake in the morning in our dream house that we bought in Corpus Christi, Texas. It a nice roomy house that has a little beach from on one of the bays. I will wake up around 6 am and cook breakfast for my beautiful wife and I.  We will eat breakfast on our back patio as the sun rises. After breakfast, I will put my kayak in the water and go fishing. I will be searching for red drum and speckled trout. No matter how that goes it will be a great way to start a day. 

I will return after a couple of hours of paddling just enjoying nature. I will then check to see what the day brings as far as work. I will meet up with some friends or colleagues for lunch. I will work on my ads, blog, and whatever else need to be tended to for business. I will finish around 4 pm. Then it will be time to go fishing again. I will fish until around 6. I will then grill my catch for us to eat dinner. 

After dinner, the wife and I will either go for a paddle in our kayaks or take a dip in the pool and watch the sunset. I will then wash down our kayaks and gear to get the salt off. Go to bed and do it all over again the next day. This is my dream day. What is yours? Are you trying to achieve your ideal dream day? Think about your dream day and chase that dream every day. Focus on it. 


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