My Life Now

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Life now is more fulfilling, I am happy and know I will achieve my goals ,I have set for the next two years. I am living my purpose and I work on myself far harder than I work on my business why ?

  • Jim Rohn says " we must work harder on our selves than our jobs"
  • I read self development books each day
  • I re write my goals I have set each day
  • I follow the masters of attitude and self development 
  • My family life is much happier
  • I am much happier
  • No stress

All the above has happened since I Decided To Change My Life. My life was out of balance, I was putting too many hours into a business that was not growing. I had lost my direction and I WAS STRESSED. I arrived at this point because I asked for it daily:

I am one the the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind, I will be rich happy and succesfull, I am forever conscious of my true worth, I give of my talents freely I am wonderfully blessed financially It is wonderful.

This short paragraph I repeated day and night for 7 months, it brought me to my present journey in life. As I repeated the above I visualised far more income than we were earning via our company, I visualised travel and a second home abroad. My intuition to close my business was correct, when we sell our home we will repurpose that money and invest in our plan, we will be earning far more than we did, It will enable us to have our second home abroad. I am also working on my internet business, its my passion and it has given me purpose.

I have now set higher goals, bigger income, why ? We want to help others, we have a plan to help others that arrive in a situation they could not help , but they need support, we will help them to restructure their lives and get back on their feet.  We have the plan and we know it will happen. 

If you want to follow the rest of my journey I will be posting each day, I hope you find my journey interesting please comment and share

 I am now happy and fulfilled achieving my purpose, I have a property business and an online business. I have learnt to serve others ( as I hope I am doing now ) respect others for what they are trying to achieve no matter how big or small their ambition. I work on my attitude each day and look to help anyone I can on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, please share like or comment.

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