My Parenting Skills

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Hello and I'm home sick today.  I was yesterday.  And yesterday I was worried about the acceptance of my illness by my boss.  Today - I'm feeling a little more energy - and I am motivated to succeed in my business again.  Different focus.

However, this episode of illness has served to remind me of one of my key drivers for choosing my Digital Skills career.  

You can teach an old dog new tricks, if that old dog is open to taking on the learning.  I am open.  

I am building my Digital Marketing Specialist business and I am going to have my time back and I am going to have my flexibility back.

You see, a big part of my life so far has been focussed on learning to be the best parent that I can.  In doing that, I learnt that I need to be the best person that I can be.  And to me, that means being emotionally intune with myself.  Being aware of my inner world.  Being emotionally literate.  Being emotionally regulated.  And all that comes with that.

Because by being that, I teach my children that.

I had great roll model parents - for my era.  They gave me all that I needed - a safe home, a good education and a stong sense of belonging to my tribe.  What they didn't have the skills to give me is the emotional relm that is a part of this life also.  That is what I have been learning for myself through my adult life.

It is that part that makes me want to be able to take my teenage boys to school in the morning, and be here when they come home.  I can work before that.  I've been up working since 4am this morning (jet lag still having a hold on me).  I can work after that - there's not much worth watching on TV at night so why not work?

THIS is what my Digital Marketing Specialist business gives me that my traditional job can't.  The flexibility to be the type of person that I want to be - not the type of person that an antiquated work environment is forcing me to be.

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