Newbie's Guide to Content Marketing

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Newbie’s Guide to Content Marketing:

You’ve probably heard a particular phrase used in the online business world. “Content is King”. There is truth to this phrase because content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for long term profitable growth. It is the core of most successful digital marketing campaigns. So get ready to be slapped with some wisdom in this newbie’s guide to content marketing.

So why is content marketing so great?

Here is a list of advantages gained through content marketing:

1) Building Trust Builds Reputation

To have a thriving successful online business you absolutely need a good reputation. When most of your business is viewed as positive and helpful, your viewers and potential customers are going to recommend you to others. They may leave positive reviews on your website which helps a great deal with building trust. Nobody will purchase any products you sell or affiliate with if they have no reason to trust you. This means that a higher reputation and greater trust will result in much greater sales figures.

If you like numbers and statistics, 78% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through articles opposed to advertisements. Furthermore 70% believe organisations that invest time into building custom content are more interested in building a relationship.

If the content you provide is entertaining, educational, valuable and or inspiring the consumers will think highly of your business too. The more value you give to your consumers the more trust you will build.

2) Quality content increases Conversions

For you lovers of statistics and numbers here are but a few stats that outline why ‘content is king’:

  • 61% of consumers in the US decided to make a purchase after having read the recommendations from a blog.

  • Content marketing converts 3 x more than other traditional marketing methods

  • Video content such as YouTube content greatly increases return on investment

  • 74% of companies surveyed stated content marketing increased the quantity and quality of their leads and consumers

  • Increased efforts in content marketing on average will double the site conversion rate according to HubSpot.

3) Improved SEO

Producing high quality content will greatly increase your search engine optimisation (SEO). So long as you take efforts to ensure your content is SEO optimised, the more content your produce the higher you will be in Google’s favour.

Content creation is arguably the most effective SEO technique. In general, business sites that consistently post blog content have on average 434% more pages that are indexed by search engines. Thus basically the more content your site has, the more pages will be indexed by the search engines to show users.

Having a lot of posts with a strong SEO standing allows your site to rank higher for certain keywords. A website with low SEO standing therefore low Domain Authority and low Post authority will never rank for common keywords used. And so the more quality content your website has the stronger its Domain and Post Authority, allowing you to rank for more common keywords.

The more content you post on your site will lead to more visitors sticking around to see your other posts. A higher on-site time will also positively impact your SEO.

4) Content Marketing is Cost-Effective

If you are close minded and only care about short term profits, paid advertisement would be the best route. However paid advertising is very expensive. It’s true that content marketing is a very slow process. Having to build up a strong SEO takes time and many blog posts and/or videos. However those posts and videos build you a consumer base that trusts you. It provides a consumer base that will return to you and continue to purchase from you.

Paid advertising doesn’t build the trust that content marketing does. Therefore with paid per click advertising you need to purchase new consumers.

Content marketing costs on average 62% less than other marketing strategies but it generates 3 times as many leads.

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5) Creating leadership

Consumers will trust and listen to the experts of the industry. Content marketing demonstrates your knowledge within the niche. It allows you to become a leader of the industry in the eyes of your consumer. When your consumers view you as a leader, they will trust what you have to say and trust in what you have to sell them.

Every new blog post, video or social media post shows your consumers how much you know about the industry and about the challenges your consumers face.

6) Build Relationships

Building a healthy positive relationship with your consumers is an important aspect of content marketing. Did you know that 61% of small businesses say that HALF of their income is from returning customers? Marketing Tech Blog reports that a loyal customer is worth on average up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

This is why it is important to build a strong relationship with your consumers. If you build a solid relationship with each and every new consumer you attract, you are potentially increasing your profits ten-fold. Because of this, content marketing should not be used solely for lead generation. You must keep your existing consumer base loyal to you as well.

Examples of content for your existing consumers are how-to videos or informative visual content to help consumers get the most out of your product or service. Provide them more value and they’re likely to return for more.

7) Find Your Voice

We’ve covered several reasons why content marketing is so powerful for the return on investment for your business. However content marketing can do so much more. It helps you find and assert your own voice in the industry. With each blog or post you make, you are sharing your knowledge and experiences on the subject matter. Your consumers see who you are and get to know you on a personal level. This sets you apart from your competitors.

Even if you share the same topics as your competitors you are providing your consumers your own experiences and thoughts. They are hearing your voice. Finding your own voice through content marketing is a massive source for personal growth and satisfaction. Let your personality show through your content.

8) Content marketing supports other marketing strategies

Think of your content as your foundation for your business. You can choose to adapt other marketing campaigns such as Facebook advertisements and e-mail marketing to engage more consumers. These extra marketing strategies also need great content! Consumers you purchase through paid advertisements can be directed to your foundation, the wealth of value you have in your posts. This is an effective strategy to earn returning consumers from a paid advertising campaign.

Take Away

From these benefits described to you, it’s obvious why content marketing is integral to building a successful business. Whether you are an online affiliate marketer, drop-shipper or have a physical brick and mortar business content marketing is such a powerful strategy to adapt for your business.

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