One Thing to Do TODAY or What Would Your Future Self be Most Thankful for if You Did It NOW?

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Hello dear reader,

Are you feeling stuck? Well, I may help then. Think of any activity or thing you could do today that

would bring you to where you want to be? And if you don´t know where is that place, you may do

something that will help you find it, reveal your life´s purpose, discover your true passion and maybe

find the right people to hang out with

I am an animal lover and my vision is to become an animal advocate. More than a hobby, I see it as

a necessity. And my thoughts were: I want to become rich, then I will help animals. But hey, that may

take much longer than I am willing to wait. So, today, I decided that there is something I could do

Today about animals and it was to write a few tweets and retweets plus sign a petition and share it on

my social network so that more people would see it and act on it. Most of my followers are animal

lovers so this little step may go far. And now, you know about it, too. This initiative aims to end the

nightmare of cage farming in Europe. You can find me on Twitter, by the way, and sign or share that

petition #EndTheCageAge My username is @diane4charmer.

Now, going back to you, ask your self what is that action, no matter how insignificant it may look,

that you think can bring you to where you want to be, sooner. It may be a book, a webinar, a

workshop ...
That´s all from me today!
Enjoy your day and thank yourself for reading this post and doing that small something.

Enjoy life, life has always loved you,

Diana Christova

a passionate blogger, creator of the product lines BreakMyStatusQuo & Love4Terra


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