Out Of My Comfort Zone In Arizona

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undefinedI am sitting on an aeroplane on my way to Pheonix, Arizona From London. I am attending my first digital marketing conference which is very exciting. For the first time in forever, I have left my babies and my husband at home to embark on this tremendous journey. I am out of my comfort zone, trying to prove that I can be independent and self-sufficient. During my flight, I have had the pleasure to sit next to an amazing man named James. 4 weeks ago, a friend persuaded me to go on this trip, little did I know he was just trying to win an iMac for selling the most tickets, I’m half joking, but the point is I was scared. I had this feeling, a mix of fear and excitement thumping away in my chest. Two hours later it was booked. 

This morning most children were returning back to school after the summer holidays in the UK. All three of my children were starting back at school, the youngest in play school, my middle child starting reception and my eldest started year 1. It was an emotional morning, a huge milestone in all of their lives. Knowing I wasn’t going to see them for the next six days was also overwhelming. I hugged them tightly, with tears streaming down my face, I told them I would ring them as soon as I could. It is the first time I have left my family or my kids for so long and it's outside of my comfort zone.

Being out of your comfort zone is an important place to spend your time if you want growth. As your comfort zone grows larger so does your confidence. I’m leaving the kids, my husband, and heading off on a ten-hour flight to a digital marketing conference with people I have only met online, and in a place that I have never been to before. Having said that, I am fully confident that I am capable of keeping myself safe, and I am not in any danger! The Six Figure Mentors who are putting on the conference are trustworthy and wholesome individuals and their reputation proceeds them. But still I am nervous, I’m not used to being alone.

I found a quiet little lounge to sit in at the airport. It felt bizarre only having one passport and one boarding pass when I’m used to having five, and a hundred bags. I felt light, even though my bag was heavy. The flight was delayed by nearly two hours, but every cloud has a silver lining. The delay allowed me to video call my children and find out all about school. They were happy on the phone, and it just reaffirmed what I already know; children are more resilient and adaptable than we often allow them to be!

undefinedThat was the journey of this morning, and now I am finally sat on the plane. Sitting next to me is a sweet man named James. It feels as though he's been sent to me as a guardian angel. We’re talking about anything and everything and I don’t know, I just feel this connection. There is something about him, perhaps his kind smile or his gentleman attitude, or his good sense of humour. He’s 92 years old, Arizonian, but born in North Dakota on a farm close to the southern border. James is flying back from London after a visit to his “lady friend”. Eight hours into the flight I think I know his life story, dating back to WW2 when he fought in the Airforce. Those were the days of sheepskin suits and oxygen tanks before pressurised cabins were invented. James is impressive, to say the least! I meet a lot of elderly people in the nursing profession, but I’ve never met one quite as fit and healthy as James. I feel blessed to have met him, and he even agreed to feature in my vlog.  

The experiences we receive, the people we meet, the things we do, hardly any of them would happen if we stayed at home in our little bubble avoiding all things that make us scared. From these experiences, we grow into our full potential of who we are and where we can be. Without them, we remain somewhat stagnant, stuck in the same place in life, never moving forward with much force. I’m going through the yes phase in my life, if I get that nervous thumping feeling in my chest, I’m leaning into it and going for it. Life is for the living! How are you going to live yours?

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