Overcome Fear As An Entrepreneur

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Let`s face it, fear is present in every person`s life, whether they are an entrepreneur or no, but the reason why the first are constantly having to face difficult situations is because they have present a greater level of responsibility and purpose. Fear is described as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.” Notice that the definition says the word “imagined” and that`s exactly how most of our fears are perceived, only based on future events, that 99% of the times are not likely to happen.

People with an entrepreneurial mindset tend to be almost fearless, in most situations and that`s because they don`t give nutrition to their fears, so they can`t grow.
Every successful person knows exactly how to tackle fear, by shortening the period between their decisions and actions. That`s right, taking action immediately after thinking about doing something is the only way you`re gonna diminish your chances of being afraid, and I don`t mean acting irresponsibly. This ensures that you won`t be able to have the time necessary for the fear to even propagate through your brain, you`ll feel almost like operating impulsively and sometimes labeled as a maniac. Let`s keep it real here, fear won`t go away, it`s an innate human characteristic and defense mechanism, so if you can`t eliminate it, at least you can forget it!

This way of approaching every situation will reduce the risk of procrastination, which is one of the top reasons why people can`t make a move in life, while some are thinking about every detail, others have already finished the task.

We know that business is a tough sport, but yet so many people make it even harder by planning, organizing, researching, thinking, and planning again, don`t get me wrong those are important, but most people don`t understand what levels of action are required to finish a project or reaching a goal. Fear will start to kick in fast, running through your cells, when you think you need to have everything figured out, perfectly, precisely, when we know, for a fact that all good products were launched into the marketplace with deficiencies. If you study carefully all the “giants” in our economy, they didn`t wait until the stars were aligned to shove their products or services into the marketplace, they simple were making improvements along the way.

The next time you think about doing something that moves you closer to your goals, do it fast, without letting fear settle in, because once it`s installed, the task becomes even more difficult to execute, and this is the stage where most people give up on their goals, ambitions and lives!

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