Turning Fear of Failure into Faith for Success

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Every human being who is on the face of this earth was created with intrinsic value and worth such that we all want to be identified with success.

Let's face it, no single person wants to be identified with failure. No one wants to be mocked that they are failing, whether in their relationships, finances, career, academics, businesses and their other endeavours.

Fear is a toxic feeling which is sometimes said to mean

F- False

E- Evidence


R- Real

Fear brings an amplified illusion of failure, by exaggerating the negative emotions to convince you that the evidence is real. In life, you can't go very far when you are burdened by  fear. You need to have a level of faith i.e to believe in your abilities and in your own worth. You deserve the best life and don't listen to fear. 


Many people sabotage their own destinities and miss some good opportunities because of fear of failure. That fear is imagined and its all in the MIND.

Fear of failure goes hand in glove with EXCUSES, PROCRASTINATION, LETHARGY and NEGATIVE SELF TALK. 

Take Bold Action Now

Today, I urge you to make a concious decision to exit your excuses and do something different. Your future and your loved ones deserve that courageous part of you today.

My journey to confront Fear of Failure

I am not an expert in this: I too was like that before I joined the Six Figure Mentors. I used to have a negative worldview and self limiting beliefs when it came to businesses and investments. I too was CAUTIOUS, even to my own detrimen and that resulted in stagnation and frustration. However, for the first time in 2017, I conquered my fears and I have gone on to start my own internet business, aided by the training, coaching and support I received through the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy. 

I have to be honest with you that sometimes I am tempted to revert back to the default mode but thankfully, this business has given me a community of supportive and like minded people. So, apart from the earnings, I have transformed as a person. 

I have not yet arrived, but thank God I have left.

Today, you can start your own journey too. Exit your excuses and stop procrastinating. There is nothing to fear; you can succeed! 

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