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Hello, lovely beings!

In today's blog, I shall cover why is energy important and how to maintain high levels of it.

"People don´t want your time, they want your energy" ~ through one of my mentors Jay Shetty.

When a friend or a couple says: "I want to spend more time with you", do not take it literally. What they really want is having your full attention. I´ve seen people spending time in the same space, on the same table, not talking to each other for hours. This is not spending time together. Imagine sharing what you did during the day, or even worse sharing an important issue in your life while your friend is checking his or her messages. We would rather spend half an hour having their full attention than 2 hours having 25% from the attention.

Important projects are the same: they do not care how many hours you spend on them but how concentrative your efforts are as this is what in the end makes the difference: how present are we while we are doing something.

So instead of counting the hours spent with a person or a project, make the hours count. Be present. Do your best. Just do it!

Another version of that would be: "Do it or don´t do it, but do not intend it."



Living in the space of entrepreneurs, I have heard many times: "Look at your journey as a marathon, not as a sprint. Creating a business takes time."

Well, I believed in that until I found a better version of it. And I shall give him credit as he inspired part of this post, this is a famous podcaster and bestselling author Robert Sharma. What he suggests is running short distance sprints followed by breaks or time out.

Play full out, then you recover (refuel, regenerate, replenish). ~ Robert Sharma

For example, if all you are doing is working all the time, you are depleting your genius, you are not giving yourself time to rest which will eventually lead to exhaustion and frustration. On the other hand, if you put all your attention on what you are doing while you are doing it (no multitasking!) you will deserve, enjoy more, and make better use of the time out between the sprints.

I hope you found this information useful. In the next blog, I shall give you some great ideas about how to recover and maintain your energy levels high.

Speak to you soon!

Enjoy life, life has always loved you.

Diana Christova


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