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You are affiliate marketer like MLM, Bitcoin or educational platform about earnings on the Internet, I have fantastic news for you.


Every business is based on advertising and every entrepreneur knows perfectly well that without investment, you will not go far. You can advertise in many ways, like Facebook, YouTube, AdWords or Bing. However, many companies advertising online earning opportunities forgets about the best tool in the world: email list.


In the early stages, no one has thousand emails on own lists. So it is also difficult to build it from scratch. Therefore, the best solution is to find people with such a list. And already then we discover 'solo ads ' websites.

As headstrong online marketer and the one who promoted for long time an educational platform that teaches you to make money online, in my opinion, I went through all the possible ways of advertising. Taking that the leads are divided into 3 levels: cold, warm and hot, here's my conclusion.


Facebook and YouTube advertising is absolutely cold leads. Advertising appears for the eyes of accidental passers-by, who do not necessarily want something from you. A good way to target is video, and making a video turns out to be harder than we thought.


AdWords and Bing is more targeted ways because our potential candidates are looking for financial freedom and get to your link. Here you can already say, we have to deal with the warm leads.


The situation, however, get better, as we know that there are people in the world, which throughout they sign up on the email list to get your offer. Therefore, opt-in rate such lists often exceeds 85%. Therefore, I started looking into campaigns by Udimi.


Udimi is a advertising platform. You can find on the hundreds of sellers and buyers. Average celery has admirably list potential clients, who are waiting for an offer to change their life. What you need to understand is that people from the mailing lists are on them for a reason. If they weren't interested in, they will unsubscribe.


I'll add one more reason, why Udimi is so fantastic. Platforms have affiliate program. Recommending it to your friends and your colleagues, you are able to generate income. By making your solo ads you can send it for almost free. By generating perfect results, I not know anyone who would not fell in love to just in this way of advertising your business.


And for people not having your own business, but want to learn how to earn on the Internet, click on the banner at the bottom.

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